AdBrite InVideo Ads: Raising my $5.45 AdBrite Balance

by Paula Neal Mooney

Today there sits $5.45 in my AdBrite account.

That's because after I joined AdBrite and added the AdBrite code to my blog, I was dissatisfied with how slowly the AdBrite ads were earning money, so I took them down.

I hedged my bets that the Amazon ads in the above prime blog real estate space would earn more. They have. Join Amazon Associates for details.

But today I have new reason to urge bloggers to join AdBrite, if they haven't already.

It's because I got an email about the new AdBrite InVideo ads.

AdBrite InVideo lets you upload your own videos (that I'm sure you have to own the copyright for), splashed with your brand across the AdBrite InVideos.

AdBrite InVideo says they'll pay you (don't know how much) when people click on the AdBrite InVideos -- with non-obtrusive ads -- and you'll get paid when people share the AdBrite InVideo ads, too.

When your AdBrite InVideos go viral, let's hope AdBrite coughs up mucho deniro.

(I'll let you know once I finally upload and edit the videos from my 30-minute version of this 60-minute Point-and-Shoot Camcorder that I proclaimed was mine in Jesus' Name that He blest me with. )

YouTube finally got hip to this and began offering pay, too, for certain videos.

I like this AdBrite InVideo concept, because I believe people will watch personal videos over ads.

So watch the new AdBrite InVideo ads promo, which is also embedded below.

(Add a less-than sign, forward slash, the word "embed" and a greater-than sign at the end of the AdBrite InVideo HTML code given if you're getting errors trying to embed the AdBrite InVideo ads promo on your blog.)

Think it's time for me to finally give AdBrite InVideo a try...

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Laura said…
I wondered if Adbrite would earn much money. You'll have to post a follow-up and tell how InVideo worked for you.
David Jones said…
I got rid of Adbrite about a month ago for the same reason you did. This does sound interesting, maybe I'll start looking into it again.
Yes, I love the idea of creating your own crazy video, editing and uploading it to your blog.

Then people might watch you more so than any crazy advertisement, cause the AdBrite ads look like they'll be up in the corner.

Now that I'm home in a blizzard, maybe I'll have time to look more into this.

But I'll definitely let everyone know if and when it starts to pay off...
DB said…
Hi. Thanks for giving AdBrite another shot! Hopefully we can make it work for you this time. ;-) ...InVideo ad revenue is split just like normal text ad revenue - 70% publisher / 30% AdBrite. Drop us a line if you have any further questions! invideo(at)

Hey thanks, DB. Now I'm excited to get some viral videos going...
AdBrite InVideo users, I got this email from David explaining what I was doing wrong.

As soon as I play around with my other dot com (that'll let me upload files to a server, unlike Blogger), I'll test out getting my AdBrite InVideos up and making money:


Hello Paula,

This is David ("DB") from AdBrite. I came across your post on this page... well as the e-mail you sent us (below).

Thanks for your diligence, and for getting in touch to inquire about the problems you are having. I've looked into you video settings and discovered the problem. In your video settings, under "URL of .flv file", you have entered a URL that actually brings up a web page on Photobucket:¤t=VID00025.flv

What you need is a URL that points to an actual FLV file. For some tips on tools that you can use to create your own .FLV files, visit this link:;id=149&artlang=en

Once you create a .flv file, you will need to post it to a server somewhere. Then use the URL of that .flv on your server as the URL in the Video settings page under "URL of .flv file".

One other thing I noticed - on the "Get Code" page for your video, you have the player sized to be 200 x 200 pixels. If you want ads to appear in your video player, you need to have it set to a minimum size of 355x320.

I hope that clears it up for you. Let me know if you have any further questions or problems with InVideo.

Kind regards,
-David Baldeschwieler
-Senior Manager of Multimedia, AdBrite

At 11:17 PM -0400 3/18/07, wrote:
> I tried BlipTV and then Photobucket.
> I was able to get my video up on my blog with the preview pic and everything, but once I hit play, it just gave me that error server message and I waited well past the 15 minutes or so, even a day!
> Are lots of people having this problem?
> Thanks much, I really want to use this service!
> Paula Mooney
Timon Weller said…
Howed you go with the in video ads on adbrite.. I am thinking of using them myself on my vids..
You know, I never did figure out the AdBrite invideo ad thing.

Too complicated.

I gave up.

If I try again in the future, I'll let you guys know.

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