Scrape Me...Am I a Fool for Loving Content Scrapers?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Every day my Google alerts email me some new site that has scraped some of my content. At first I didn't know what the heck "content scrapers" were, but as I delve more into the world of black hat vs. white hat vs. grey hat SEO stuff, I'm learning.

But should I hate these automated computer guru genius creations that scrape my content and make a gazillion dollars in Google Adsense revenue off of hard-typing bloggers like me?

Or should I thank them (the ones that only scrape the first part of my content, give me my full byline, and link searchers back to my site, that is -- think I'll change my RSS feeds to partial content right now) for the extra exposure?

Am I being a fool for not hating these content-scraping guys so vehemently like others do? Or is that the reason that the Nirvana song that rhymes with "Scrape Me" keeps playing over and over again in my head?

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kystorms said…
I see why you would be loath to be upset, its a way to see whose using your stuff, and you said they do give you your by-line right? How did you set up your search on Google alerts, just your name or on each title you write?
Thanks for always having new topic for us newbies to follow and learn from!
Bonnie Calhoun said…
I'm not sure what content-scrapers are...but if you like them, then I like them :-)

Your ranking is now 18,461...go girl!
Tisha! said…
I had no idea all this is going on.
Griffin said…
Whoa...this is deep. I will need to investigate this further.

*Dons the Indiana Jones Fodora*

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