Raise your Technorati Ranking

by Paula Neal Mooney

In my New Year's Day post I logged the Technorati ranking of this blog, which was 78,722 at that point. This morning, a mere 12 days later, my Technorati ranking has been raised to 24,238.

How'd that happen besides a whole lotta God's favor? Here are some practical ways to raise your Technorati ranking, especially if you were ranked 1 million plus like I was when I first claimed this blog:

* Join a nice blogroll network. I know Andy Beard says this will hurt my Google Pagerank, I'm waiting to see if my Google Pagerank will in fact increase from 3 (to 5, at least, please Lord?) when Google re-evaluates the pageranks, which should be happening right now. (I still love Andy Beard's blog full of great stuff -- congrats on being highly linked for your MyBlogLog meme! -- for his tip about getting favored on Technorati.)

* But my friend Bonnie Calhoun (PageRank 5) told me about Blogging Chicks. (See the blogroll way at the bottom of this blog and click there if you're a bloggin' chick!) I joined and immediately got a bunch of good links and found out about new blogs I'd never even heard of. (If you're a bloggin' dude, either you can pull a Jeremy Shoemaker and masquerade as a woman or just find a network like this for men. Would if I could but I've got about five minutes to get this post up and then scurry off to 1st service and then over to our friends' place to ignore the Bears game and read a magazine.)

* Get on a site like MyBlogLog or just leave comments on blogs you like asking people to favor your blog on Technorati and join your MyBlogLog community and in turn, join their communities and favor them on Technorati to keep up with their posts.

Right now this blog has been favored on Technorati by 19 members. I seem to remember Andy Beard, I believe, writing that 33 is the magic number to make it to the upper ranks of Technorati.

* This of course, along with raising your Technorati ranking the good old-fashioned way: Write a lot of good, helpful and interesting posts. Mention people by name (thanks to Ted Demopoulos for this tip) so that if they're vain enough to have Google alerts set up on their own name like I do (just joshing, Ted, I know the benefits of doing that) that they'll come check out what you said about them and possibly link back to you. This is how I got a great link from a high-ranking blog that I would look up right now if I weren't already late from going to praise God...

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Andy Beard said…
Blogroll links at the bottom of your page seem to be javascript, thus they in theory are just like adverts, and should have not effect on pagerank.

They also shouldn't count for Technorati.

If they are counting for Technorati that is a little oversight on their behalf, as that is very easily gamed, thus resulting in a poor representation of their rankings.

I will have to have a closer look at this to see what is happening.

As to the number of Technorati favorites required, I think at the time I wrote the post it was 67 to get in their top100. The number now is well in excess of 100.

Don't forget that subscriber numbers help you as well for eventual monetization.

My Technorati favorites are in my RSS reader and I always reciprocate. You are doing well on your favorites though, actually better than me, though I am doing much better on subscriber numbers.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Your ranking is up to 19,612!

You go girl! Page rank 5 coming up!
Jaypee said…
cool tips! i'm gonna start now by making a favorite on Technorati and hope you return the favor. thanks! :D

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