ProfileLinker Exposes Laughable Lust

ProfileLinker Exposes Laughable Lust by Paula Neal Mooney
My Portable ProfileYesterday a company called ProfileLinker launched, and thanks to that blessed Arrington over at TechCrunch, I was able to join ProfileLinker right away. Basically, ProfileLinker makes it easy for social network site users like me -- 173 million strong -- to link up our many profiles from MySpace, YouTube,, etc. in one place -- on ProfileLinker.

So tonight I tooled around ProfileLinker setting up my various profiles as background research for this ProfileLinker news report I just wrote about the ProfileLinker launch. Anyhoo, I really think ProfileLinker will be a success because it is pretty time-consuming to log onto all of those sites and check mail at each one.

Thru ProfileLinker, I stumbled upon my old messages on StumbleUpon, and found one titled "Lust" from some guy (not this one pictured) who sent me a poem saying how beautiful I was. Yeah right, I huffed. If he could see me now with my hair sticking all over my head and zits on my chin. Virtual reality is so not reality. Anyway, the lust poem is gone now, but I would've posted part of it here for a hearty chuckle and as a warning to any young girls he might be trolling around MySpace to lure.

This is why I put up the pic of me and my hubby on my Facebook profile. Ah...I guess it's better to have the creepy guys e-chatting me up in cyberspace (ones my husband stands over my shoulder sometimes clucking about as I review their MySpaces profiles full of half-naked women before I delete their friend requests) than the ones who cuss me out over my politics.

Such is internet life. Oh well, check out ProfileLinker. You just might like it... and remember me when ProfileLinker has their first IPO and you eventually get rich off their stock.

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
LOL...that's why I don't have tome for MySpace or Facebook, but I did find a pretty cool free website place, with great
Kurt said…
Hi Paula,

I'm glad you liked the site! I'm on the advisory board for ProfileLinker and the team has worked really hard to get it to this level. There are more a few new features that will be released in the not-so-distant future to make your social networking life a lot easier to manage as well. So please, if you have any further comments or suggestions, the site is under active development and we would love to hear everyone's feedback. I hope you come back!

By the way, I second Bonnie's opinion; FreeWebs is an excellent site. I've worked with some of the guys over at FreeWebs and they are an excellent and hard-working bunch of people.

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