Nobody Loves Me...Nobody Tagged Me for Five Things

Nobody Loves Me, Nobody Tagged Me For Five Things... by Paula Neal Mooney

So there's this game called "Five Things" floating around the blogosphere. The gist of "Five Things" is that bloggers tag their blogging friends to reveal "Five Things You May Not Know About Me" on their blogs.

I've been reading about all these folks getting tagged by their cyber-buddies to play "Five Things" while waiting like the gangly, clumsy kid I was in this pic on July 31, 1975, in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (thank you in heaven, Mommy, for writing detailed and intriguing descriptions on the back of our photos). I feel like the 6-year-old I was, waiting for some super-athlete to choose me for his team in grade school.

Five Things is growing and growing, as a quick peek into Google blog search has revealed. Loek Bakker "tagged" Joe McKendrick , whose fellow ZDNet bloggers Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley also played Five Things.

And here's big shiny foreheaded Paula, still waiting to be tagged to play the fun Five Things. Meanwhile, Brian Leonard tagged Charles Ditzel and Charles in turn tagged John, Erwin, Matt, Sandip and Craig. Russell Arben Fox tagged Peter Levine.

Don't mind me...

Charles Nutter tagged Pat Eyler with the Five Things meme...

I'm not waiting on a lady. I'm just waiting for a tag...

And Rob Darrow gave thanks to Justin Ashworth over at School Libraryland for tagging him. Rob was nice enough to tag: Jackie at Library Advocate, Michael at Information Literacy Land of Confusion, Brian at the Laughing Librarian, Hall at Media Matters, and Tim at Education/Technology.

Finally, the wisdom of Proverbs 18:24 came to me:

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly..."

So I decided to do what Rick Huey did when he learned about Five Things from Jeff Pulver's Blog at Blog-Tag: A Game for a Virtual Cocktail Party. He tagged his own friends, Karin - The Kiss Business Too, Neville Medhora - Neville's Financial Blog, Clance Mcclannahan - ChurchOfTheGreatOval, Steve Pavlina - and Valeria Maltoni - Conversation Agent and stopped waiting around like a lonely girl on prom night, or this photo of me in June 1978, waiting for the bus for a field trip to Gurnee, Illinois, to "Greater" America (as my 5th-grade Social Studies teacher always called it, prompting howls of snickers from us kids. I always thought I looked high here, but I was only nine, people!

Right now I'm tagging five of my cyber-friends for the Five Things fun:
1 - Tara Pringle

2 - Bonnie Calhoun

3 - Scott Nance (here's your opportunity to put some personal stuff on your blog, Scott!)

4 - Peter Mooney

5 - Tisha! from Brussels, Belgium

6 - Yes, yes...I know you're only supposed to do five things but my buddy Laura Spencer is so cool and supportive of me, I've gotta learn five things about her, too!

7 - And I saved God's perfect #7 for my sweet sister-in-law Chi (and brother-in-law K) to blog about five things I may not know about them and all their clothing brands -- among them Wild Wild Clothing, which this model is sporting.

Okay, you guys are tagged for Five Things! I'll start thinking of my Five Things for a hopefully not-so-distant (you like me, you really like me -- don't you?) post.

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Tisha! said…
You were/are too cute Paula, I adore the pics!

I am honored to have been chosen by you and I conveniently already answered that meme back in Dec here

So are you going to tell us 5 things about yourself?!
Wow, speak FIVE languages? I've gotta learn something other than English!

I had a feeling some folks were already tagged, as much as I search their blogs.

Thanks much...look for my five things coming soon...
That Journalist said…
If you saunter on over to my blog, you will indeed see my five things....
hey Paula
SInce you seem so interested in the new and fun, have you heard about this one? I just found out aboutthis am from Mr. S's blog and it seems to be lots of fun
Vanishing Point -
Here is the link -
Maybe you can figure it out and help us to get into it???
Linda (Lou) said…
Hey Paula!

I got tagged for "Five Things"! Would have tagged you had I known you wanted to be tagged! I have a "google alerts" set for "John Darrow", and was alerted to your blog! Sorry I'm late and missed the opportunity! Your blog is most interesting! Take care and God Bless You!
hueys_world said…
Too cute..Love the pictures..It is nice to see that people actually read my blog. Thanks for the love. I just "LinkedIn" tonight and noticed that I must be the last in the world to do so. Great writing, keep it up!
Tisha! said…
Yes and my tongue sometimes doesn't know in which direction to go LOL!

Can't wait to read your list!
Laura said…
Thanks for making me your number 6 (out of five) and for such a nice mention. Thinking of five things about myself is EXACTLY the kind of light diversion I need while sitting with my Dad tomorrow. Look for the 5 things post by Friday.
Laura said…
Thanks for making me your number 6 (out of five) and for such a nice mention. Thinking of five things about myself is EXACTLY the kind of light diversion I need while sitting with my Dad tomorrow. Look for the 5 things post by Friday.
Rick tagged me....Now I tag you. Your it...
Scott Nance said…
Hi Paula,

See, I didn't really forget about this...

5 things

Thanks for tagging me!
Laura said…

I finally posted my five things over at Sorry it took me so long to get around to it.

Also, consider yourself tagged if you haven't already been tagged.

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