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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My husband wrote me a letter yesterday...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Okay, so it wasn't the heartfelt, gushing letters I just read at this site full of romantic love letters -- a client of PayPerPost.com, who's sponsoring this post. In fact it was a handwritten note telling me he'd stopped home for lunch and dropped off my dry cleaning, but it was still nice just the same.

It made me smile that in this IMing, email-driven, Google Talking world anyone would take the time to put pen (in this case, marker) to paper anymore to communicate anything. I know I haven't done so in a while and have two big thank you notes waiting in my mental queue...

"Early on in our relationship my sweetheart became a little overwhelmed," writes the scribe of a 'Dear John' (or is it Dear Jane?) letter originally titled 'Sorry' on the romantic love letters site that has a plethora of ideas that could go a long way to inspire some non-writing sap exactly 29 days from today.

"When she signed up with eHarmony," he continues, "she really wasn't looking to get into a serious relationship. In my own little way, I was what she was looking for. I just arrived earlier and with more intensity than she was ready for."

I admit that I'm behind on my letter writing. There's a locally well-known woman in prison that I've felt compelled to correspond with, and I know it's time to write her again.

Not your average Valentine's Day letter, for sure, but just as heartfelt and connecting. Because only in a day and age when my handwriting has gone shoddy due to all this keyboard pounding does pulling out my candle, a quality pen and rose-imprinted stationery to pen a nice letter say so much...

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Tisha! said...

Always nice to receive a hand-written note or letter especially from those we love but these everyone thinks that a digital letter can replace the hand-written kind but there's just no comparison at the same time we're saving trees!

Vanessa Byers said...

Awww, Paula, it's so sweet that your hubby took the time write a note. It's incredible how such seemingly small actions make a big impact on our lives. I love hand-written notes and letters. This new-fangled technology is more expedient but there's nothing like getting a personal note via snail mail!

Somu said...

Hi Paula... Your writing style is fantastic. I would recommend internal linking your previous posts to bring in the google juice.

Happy blogging!

Paula Neal Mooney