Make Money by Selling Text Link Ads on Your Blog

by Paula Neal Mooney

I can hardly wait to get some text link ads up on this blog. I learned about them thru both Darren Rowse's and Michael Arrington's blogs, so I've been chomping at the bit to get some of that ad revenue as well.

Looks like one way bloggers can make money is thru their affiliate program by referring sales to Text Link Ads or by referring publishers to Text Link Ads. They say they "pay out a flat $25.00 for any referred visitor that results in a sale or gets accepted into our publisher program."

Now there's the rub! I've submitted this blog and didn't hear anything back in the 24 hours listed, so of course I shot off an email and even considered calling the 1-800 listed but refrained. Before long I got an email and more feedback that said:

"This domain has been previously submitted to our publisher program and has not been approved yet. Please note that we re-evaluate all submissions monthly and you will receive an email as soon as your submission has been approved. You do not need to submit your site again. Thank you."

Another way to make money with Text Link Ads is to sell ad space for text link ads off your website, monetize your RSS feed or to become a text link ads affiliate. Easy peasy.
Text Link AdsSo in the meantime, while I'm salivating for them to approve my blog, it's interesting to check their blog juice and text link ad calculator (under the Make Money, Free Tools tab) which shows you how your blog stacks up against the competition and also gives you a good indication of the location and types of ads that bring in the most dollars.

Gambling -- something I refuse to promote -- pays the most, it appears. But so do ads about finance, hence this blog post informing all my lovely readers of another way to make money blogging, and to encourage them to sign up for text link ads and see if they can get approved. I wonder what the criteria is? As always, I'll let you all know when I finally make it in!
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kystorms said…
can we have both text link ads and Google ads on our blog? I would love to have both ( was turned down on my blog, but that is a temp situation :-)
Hi Lisa! Yeah, just a quick Google search of "google adsense and text link ads" and a cursory review of the results seems like it's okay and that folks are running both on their approved blogs.

Let's hope our approvals come thru soon. In the meantime, keep on bloggin'!
Priscilla Ortiz said…
Hey girl, I was on your site again today and you have some great readings. I added a feature to mt site today and I think you might like it. Put your curser on a link and see what happens. You can go to the sight from the little window. Leave me a comment on my blog and let me know what you think.

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