Barack and Michelle Obama must address these charges...

by Paula Neal Mooney

So Obama has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. I might've never thought I'd be alive to see the day that a black man would attempt a run for president and entertain a serious chance of winning. And now that the blessed day has finally come to pass, why am I so put upon?

It's because I've been researching Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, for a little while now and I don't like some of the ugly stuff I've read thus far. You may have caught my previous post praising Obama for his intelligence, wit and well-read demeanor.

But more and more of the ugly politics are being uncovered, especially today. Barack Obama addressed and explained a bit of his pro-abortion stance in a prior Time article, but the charges being levied against Barack and Michelle Obama nowadays are worse than what Barack Obama has been quoted as saying to the press.

I'm like Pontius Pilate, always asking: What is truth?

Does anyone have a copy of the actual fund-raising letter Michelle Obama reportedly sent in February 2004 to woo potential supporters of partial-birth abortions? Voting minds want to know and see hard evidence...

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James said…
This attack and questioning of Obama is needed so we can discover if he is Presidential or not. As black people we have diversity within and It is healthy for black America not to blindly follow Barrack. How he handles opposition of view will be of interest. It is an exciting news story. Red neck America blindly followed Bush and supported war and look at the mess. Your challenge is refreshing.
Tisha! said…
Regardless of our stance on abortion Obama needs to clarify his agenda and positions. Transparency is what's lacking today and we won't tolerate it anymore!
Carson Brackney said…
I'm interested in Obama, in part, because he seems to have a little more understanding of the need to recognize diversity in thought than does the average political bear.

I'm not a single issue voter on the abortion issue and I don't feel like it would do much good to get into a whopper of an argument about the subject in response to this post.

I will say this, though. Even if Obama comes down on the "wrong side" of the issue in your estimation, at this point I have every reason to believe he came to that conclusion honestly and with a great deal of consideration. The WorldNet piece to which you linked doesn't bother me that much in any kind of underhanded political way...

The fact that Obama attends a church who have members who are involved with Advocate facilities doesn't feel scandalous to me. I'm willing to bet that Haliburton or some other MNCs with which the current administration's buddies are affiliated have somewhere along the line supported medical facilities where abortions occur, too. That wouldn't lead me to question Bush' position on the topic, you know?

Anyway, thought-provoking stuff.

Jennifer said…
Hi Paula... like you I find myself asking, "What is truth"? I'm to the point I almost don't care what people think if they would just LET ME KNOW what it is! :-)

Villager said…
Paula, thank you for pointing me to this post. I hadn't heard of this issue re: Obama.

It is interesting and I'm glad that the issue is out in the open from the media reporting.

I'm not a single-issue person, so I have to add this factoid in with others to make my decision.

The other major factor is the competition. Right now, I don't see another candidate that I enjoy.

peace, Villager
merjoem32 said…
I think that questioning the candidates on their stand is a good thing. that way we can get to know them better and have a better feel for them. For instance, questioning Barack Obama's stand on Abortion will allow us to see just how firm or consistent he is with his views.
MrsGrapevine said…
As a Christian, I think Obama believes in the power of God, and does not need the law of man to carry out the laws of God. In other words, man's law is fallible, unjust, and impartial, but God is not. I don't understand why people want to enforce God's law through men, who are very imperfect. If God said thou shall not kill, we don't need a law passed to support that commandment, what we need to do as Christians is help people see the importance of God's commandments through God, and not through man.

At the end of the day, people can be punished through man's law, but forgiven by God. The best way to reach the world in the Glory of God is to show how prefect God is.

Don't expect any politician to crusade for God through laws, because it is sincerely a conflict of interest. Trust you don't want to mix the two, because if you do, you make God seem imperfect and that's not good.

If you follow Jesus the very thing he did was challenge man's law.

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