When I think of my sweet home Chicago...

When I think of my sweet home Chicago...by Paula Neal Mooney

I just finished watching this video of the PayPerPost Postie patrol cavorting about my hometown, the only city I ever knew the first sixteen years of my life -- sweet home Chicago.

The little square image brought back so many memories -- my favorite part perhaps seeing the wintry-chilled breath coming out of the subjects' nostrils as they trolled a frigid Magnificent Mile down by the old Water Tower that survived the Great Fire, and the modern Water Tower Place where I've shopped.

So many secrets beneath those bustling streets. The pedestrian walkways beneath the rumbling Loop, where downtown employees trot from skyscraper to skyscraper without ever going outside. Memories of the day that a creepy voice whispered from behind me, "Thank you for letting me watch you..." Eck.

But there are more great memories than bad from my sweet hometown -- which is why I'd love to do a postie patrol like this and cavort again about some city as great as Chicago or wherever the chance to win HP stuff develops. I'm all about the swag...

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