What the heck is Rockstartup?

What the heck is Rockstartup? by Paula Neal Mooney

Rockstartup. Rockstartup. All week I've been seeing Rockstartup as a popular search term on Technorati. What the heck is Rockstartup? I wondered, and proceeded to Google away the term. It was all related to PayPerPost -- the folks who are sponsoring this post.

I should've known that it was related to PayPerPost's ongoing puzzle piece campaign...and if I would've read their blog I would've known that handy bit of info, or, puzzle piece as it were.

Now that I've finally read PayPerPost's blog, I know that their hotly-searched for puzzle piece contest is over, and that the $1,000 booty of moola went to Colleenie Weenie!!

Rock on, Colleenie...


Jules said…
Congratulations for making the "Blog of the Day" on PPP!
k\Karen said…
Great blog! Congrats on being Blog of the Day. Merry Christmas too.

God is indeed good, all the time. Especially around Christmas...


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