Wesley Snipes Surrenders on Tax Fraud Charges

Just when tax fraud advocates were singing to tax fraud suspect Wesley Snipes the lyrics of that Cory Hart song: "You can never surrender!" Wesley Snipes flew his tax fraud persona very grata self in a private jet from Nambia into Florida and surrendered to authorities Friday on tax fraud charges.

Maybe you read my earlier post titled "Wesley Snipes' Tax Fraud Woes May Land Him in Prison for 16 Years" covering my personal brush with Wesley Snipes' Amen Ra Films, posted when Snipes was first indicted of his tax mess. Still glad I didn't get hooked up with Wesley's production company.

Now, Snipes plans to return to Africa to finish his movie. Wesley, 44, claims he's a scapegoat that was unfairly targeted. Oh...will the black man's woes ever cease? (I hope you got my sarcasm.)

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