The View May Hire Sherri Shepherd

by Paula Neal Mooney

Just when I was about to write an open blog post to Barbara Walters begging old Babs to hire comedienne Sherri Shepherd for a permanent gig on The View, I caught this little tidbit on claims that a deal is already being worked out to make Sherri Shepherd a permanent replacement for Star Jones' empty spot on The View.

I still sent emails to Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

(It's no wonder why Rosie's email option is missing -- all that negative feedback about her Asian news reporter impersonations must've killed their servers.)

I begged the ladies to make Sherri Shepherd the "token" View lady. (No, I didn't really say that...)

Anyway, if you haven't caught Sherri Shepherd on The View lately, you've missed a real treat.

Not only has Sherri Shepherd been hilarious, Sherri's regaled The View's viewers with her tales of woe: Shepherd recently caught her husband, Jeff Tarpley, cheating on her when she checked his email and saw pictures of some woman with her "legs all up in the air."

Sherri Shepherd is a Christian -- the best kind of Christian, in fact -- the kind that isn't Pharisee-like in their holier-than-thou false pretenses. Sherri said that she had just finished doing a Bible study when she found Jeff's philandering photos, so only the Lord prevented Sherri from bashing Jeff's head in with a lamp or something else.

Already having spent eight days in jail before for unpaid parking violations, Sherri said the Lord told her that she didn't want to go to prison for killing a man. Sherri and Jeff have a cute little boy with a huge Afro together.

Sherri must be the more successful of the duo (how Jeff must be kicking himself right now) because all I can find about Jeff Tarpley are a list of minor acting roles.


Either way, Sherri is letting go of her anger and working on true forgiveness, because as she said on The View: "One body cannot hold onto all that anger."

I'm seriously praying that this sistah, one who shares a couple of similarities with me -- Sherri Shepherd and I are both from Chicago and were born on Earth Day, April 22nd -- gets the permanent gig on The View. Shepherd's a single mom paying child support and alimony, so she needs it.

As Sherri Shepherd wrote on her uproarious MySpace blog: "I've sat on my behind long enough. I got a little one that I must take care of, so know that if you purchase this DVD, 10% is to my tithe... 80% is to Jeffrey and the other 10% probably has to go to my hubby's attorney :O)"

So let's all help out the clean comic Sherri Shepherd -- whom God is indeed blessing and enlarging her borders -- with lots of prayers and emails to Babs' heart and inbox! Love y'all!

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
I caught her gig on the View...I was laughing so hard, I snorted coffee all over my coffee table!
From email:

pics of jeff tarpley
From email:

Here is a picture of Jeff Tarpley
From email:

Read your page - I was also trying to see the 'Hunk" who cheated on Sherri. Below is the link to see "Mr. Creep" Tarpley UGHHHHHHH!!

Lawdy, Lawdy - I cannot fathom what Sherri saw in him - She should thank the other woman. The "other woman" (and I call her that derisively - probably thought Tarpley had something because of Sherri - "Psych!"

Good riddance - what judge would order her to pay him? -
Anonymous said…
Why do You steal you stories form other sites?
Anonymous said…
Sherri is great and I've been hoping they would add her to the view. Rosie never had an e-mail on the View's website as she has her own website where fans write to her. It's always been that way!

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