PayPerPost finally approved my blog...

PayPerPost finally approved my blog! by Paula Neal Mooney

Something had been telling me to check the status of my blog's approval on -- this blog that was at first rejected before I turned uber-daily blogger and resubmitted to PayPerPost.

Tonight I finally checked and found out that I got approved! So my first paid opportunity is to write about why I'm lovin' PayPerPost, which is kinda easy. It's easier to like someone who likes you back. Unlike Madonna, who sang that "rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac." Forget that.

Getting paid to create a whole lotta blog marketing can't be a bad life, and I'm ready for my writing income to increase a thousand fold or more in 2007.

PayPerPost's top earner, Coleen 692, is up to $5,004.05 right now. Not too shabby for an income based strictly on blogging. I think it was only a couple of thousand last time I checked. This getting paid to blog thing can truly open up serious salaries for folks like her (and me!) in ensuing years.

Let's that a hundred words?


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