Nicole Richie Arrested for DUI This Morning

Those of us pulling for Nicole Richie, who was arrested early today on DUI investigation charges, want her to make it. Nicole Richie's DUI arrest saddens those of us who used to croon with the man now known as Nicole Richie's father, back when Nicole Richie's father was a big haired Afro-sporting guy heading up some little group called The Commodores, a name prophetically pulled from the dictionary, no less!

So today real-life CHiPs arrested Nicole Richie, 25, on DUI charges after Richie failed a DUI field sobriety test.
My God. It looks like Nicole Richie was reported as going the wrong way on the freeway before her DUI arrest. I'm so glad Nicole wasn't killed. Richie is just so cute, and despite all of her problems growing up in the shadow of pop singer Lionel Richie, I pray that Nicole can be healed of her childhood demons and move on.

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
I know Nicole was adopted...maybe that has something to do with her unsettled behavior. It just goes to show, having money doesn't make you happy!

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