Mal Lane Speaks - The Girl Accused of Breaking Up Jen and Vince says...

...that the world should not be focused on Mal Lane.

Mal Lane was suddenly thrust into the public spotlight when an email written by Mal Lane sent to 22 of her sorority sisters spoke about spending the night with Vince Vaughn before his very public break-up with Jennifer Aniston.

The National Enquirer reportedly offered Mal Lane $15,000 for her story. Blogs and websites exploded with stories of Mal Lane. Mal Lane deleted her blog entry with references to Vince, and eventually deleted her blog entirely.

Until today, about 10 hours ago, when Mal Lane posted again! An intrepid reader gave me the tip that Mal Lane's blog was back. And Mal Lane's blog was back, but then deleted again. But thanks be to God for Google's blog search, which allowed me to dig up what Mal Lane (or, some poser who got ahold of Mal Lane's password, but I doubt it, cause it doesn't contain the hate speak those posers on FaceBook obviously created on Mal Lane's profile...Mal Lane, please feel free to verify) posted earlier today:

To my friends, family, and other readers,
10 hours ago by
Mal Lane

Who would have ever seen it coming? There is no easy way to sum up my recent experiences, and no quick way to describe everything I have learned about myself and the world in which we live, but I will try my best. Up until this point in time, I have lived a typical and incredibly blessed life, with a loving family who has given me everything I could ever want and need, and opportunities many only dream about.

While I still consider myself blessed in countless ways, I, like many others, have been forced to learn a simple lesson in a difficult way. In the last few weeks my world has become a whirlwind of reporters, publicists, cruel websites and harassments from people who feel my business is theirs as well, and words of sympathy from those I love. It took me a while to decide what to make of it all, but I believe now it has become a little clearer to me, and I find the truth behind it quite saddening. I stand by the belief that while I may have made an error in judgment I did nothing to deliberately hurt anyone else, and acted as many young women in my position would. I spent time with a person of celebrity status, and chose to share it with a few close friends. My biggest mistake was putting my personal life in an email that could be exaggerated, embellished, and shared with others against my intentions.

I was criticized and demeaned as a result of someone realizing they could profit from my humiliation. What happened to me these past weeks was unfortunate, yes, but I am certainly not alone.

Everyday in any magazine, newspaper, TV program, or radio show, people are criticized, demeaned, and laughed at without rationale. We take pleasure in hating celebrities and public figures for no apparent reason, other than that it makes for good entertainment and money-making outlets. I find it disheartening that there are more websites and magazine articles dedicated to hating and gossiping about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton than to informing our youth about the crisis in Sudan, or the conflicts in Lebanon.

That's as far as Google's Blog search would let me search into the posting at originally published at

Bookmark and drop back to see if my God-gifted techie skills allow me to dig up more!

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supermom_in_ny said…
Where was I? I didn't even know this happened!

Anyway, I wanted to know if you were one of the bloggers that was banned by Digg. I know that they were on some kind of witch hunt and banned bloggers including John Chow?!?!?

Let me know. Email me, I'll explain...

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