John Edwards May Run for President in 2008 and Has Not Spoken to John Kerry in Months

Just caught John Edwards on CBS saying he may run for president in 2008. Possible future president John Edwards was also hawking his new role as editor of an anthology titled Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives that includes a cross-section of America -- black and white, famous and not -- writing about their childhood lives.

The very photogenic John Edwards did not discount a run for the presidency in 2008, and didn't hesistate to take potshots at Bush and Rumsfeld over the mess in Iraq, and who can blame him with that leaked memo Rumsfeld wrote (before he "stepped down") making the rounds yesterday saying that Bush's strategy in Iraq wasn't working.

Pro-life folks like me (yes, all life, including the soldiers dying for my safety today) that voted for W must not scrape the Ws off cars, but keep repeating: Roberts and Alito sit on the Supreme Court. Roberts and Alito sit on the Supreme Court...

John Edwards was a little more tight-lipped about his reported waning friendship with failed presidential hopeful John Kerry, saying Edwards hadn't talked to Kerry in months. Hmmm....

Anyhoo, John Edwards' new book looks as beautiful as John Edwards himself. And I'm so thankful to God that John Edwards' wife is now cancer free.

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