I can't get him out of my head...

by Paula Neal Mooney

...or, more precisely, out of my Spirit, that is.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Israel Houghton of the popular group Israel & New Breed probably two years ago now.

"I did that inteview on my knees I was so grateful," I told my former copy desk chief friend Jim Kavanagh, formerly with the Akron Beacon Journal, now proudly with CNN.

I probably should have mentioned that it was a phone interview with Israel "Iz" Houghton, but I'm sure he got my point...

Anyway, Israel was so gracious to grant a newbie like me my first "celebrity" interview. He'd just returned from South Africa, where he'd recorded the amazing Alive in South Africa CD and DVD.

Israel confirmed some of his dramatic testimony:

White mother impregnated by a black man, kicked out of the house, contemplating abortion till she ran into a woman who told her "You are not forgotten" and led her in the sinner's prayer right on a California street corner.

Iz told me that's why his favorite song the time I spoke with him was "I Am Not Forgotten" from the Alive in South Africa CD.

(So proud to see this song has been nominated for a 2007 Grammy! I'm prayin' for y'all!)

Lately, XM's The Spirit on channel 33 has been playing Tidings from Israel & New Breed's latest Christmas CD, called A Timeless Christmas, which has that certain special something added in the music that compels me to listen to it over and over again...

...like the nights before my interview with Iz, when I wanted to absorb his music so I'd ask better questions. I listened to songs from either Live from Another Level or New Season -- one of those (don't make me a liar, God) -- but I know it wasn't Real because I don't have that one yet.

It was the most peaceful way to fall asleep, and it's a habit I've incorporated ever since. Helps chase those nighttime demons away...Can't wait to get Iz's new CD.

Initially, some of Israel & New Breed's music sounded like stuff I wouldn't get into.

I love "There's a Lifting" and so many others.

But all of it grows and resonates in your Spirit so strongly.

You'll see...there's something so special in that music it'll stick in your gut for years to come and bless you.

It's called Holy Ghost fire!

Bookmark http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ and drop back in to see what I'm up to next. Blessings and love, Paula

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
I love Israel and the New Breed's Live From Another Level CD...it rocks!
Me too, Bonnie, me too.

And yay! The comments are working again on Blogger Beta.

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