How I Used MySpace to Catch a Thief...

by Paula Neal Mooney

There was a certain photographer (who shall still remain nameless as long as he no longer bugs me 'cause I'm not trying to completely ruin his life) that contacted me with an over-inflated invoice because I'd attached a pic he took to one of my articles.

He'd displayed it on the web without those cool logos that legit places like Big Stock Photo splash across their copyrighted pics, so I considered it fair game...

Anyway, after I got Mr. Shady Photog's email, I removed the photo and went on with life till I heard that said photographer was trying to extract all kinds of crazy payments from another related site for copyright infringement.

Help me, Holy Spirit, I prayed.

As God always comes thru so creatively for me, He told me to do a little digging into this shady photog's life.

I did so and found his MySpace page.

Setting myself up with a profile of a pretty blonde white woman, I contacted the photog and pretended to be a poor, gorgeous, model-in-waiting ready to do anything for free sexy pics.

The horny (and possibly married with kids) photog took the bait and engaged in a conversation that described exactly what illegal and bad-for-business situations he'd provide free pics.

Snap! I had him.

I saved record of our email conversation and told him I was filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau -- the logo that the Lord showed me in visions.

Thankfully, I never heard from shady sleazy guy again.

Which just go to show you, people could be talking to anyone on MySpace.

I'm not beyond using a myspace chat conversation tracker program, who's sponsoring this post thru PayPerPost.

Looks like this Spector Pro does everything, including recording every chat, IM, email, web site URL, search terms, keystrokes and the like.

PC Magazine selected it as an Editors’ Choice, and I trust and respect PC Magazine.

My mom snooped on me and I hated it back then but I don't really blame her now.

Yes, it's nice to foster the close relationship with tweens and tweens and probably 5-year-olds that now know how to chat on MySpace, but I'm all for parents (and cheated-upon wives and cuckolds) staying ahead of the technology game and finding out about their loved ones' travel plans before they hop aboard jets to the Middle East to meet some stranger in person that they met on MySpace.

There's my two techie cents.

Bookmark and drop back in for another two techie cents tomorrow.

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Jessica C said…
I couldn't agree more with Paula. Parental control software has been many, many uses beyond just keeping your children safe online. Last year we purchased a program called PC Tattletale which is a Internet monitoring software
with the intention of monitoring my teenage sons online behavior. But as it turned out we were able to find out that someone was trying to access our computer and that we were about to be a victim of identity theft. As it turns out, my son had given out personal information on my space, which he now knows not to do.
Congrats on the achievement. Working online as a travel agent home based, it is important to look for online and internet travel theft too. It is good to be aware, just in case.

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