Does Your Blogroll Hurt Your Google Pagerank?

I found this fascinating post from Digg called How a Blogroll can kill your Pagerank, so today, I will kill my blogroll. It was crowding my sidebar anyway.

Heck, I'm just slap happy that Google started crawling my blog at a normal (as opposed to slow) rate today!

I want a higher pagerank! I want more traffic! I want my Google Adsense revenue to skyrocket! I want the Google Adsense Christmas gift next year!

Bookmark and see what I'm up to next. Blessings and love, Paula

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AndyB said…
I love to see it when people take action based on something I wrote, it makes it all worthwhile.
Thanks, Andy. You've got some great tips on your site.
Anonymous said…
Just another 'miracle blog' know!
Keep up the work 'Christ's girl'. Link back to to serve the diseased people.

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