Confessions of a Corporate Nomad...

Confessions of a Corporate Nomad... by Paula Neal Mooney

This is one of my favorite pics of me and my husband -- and not just because of the sideways angle that whichever blessed passerby who took this puppy used to make us look ultra-thin, but that it was taken inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a sanctuary actually built into the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

It was circa February 16, 1997. I remember this clearly because we got engaged during that trip. We'd just relocated from Chicago Title and Trust Company, where we met, to work for a different company in Akron, Ohio. Sedona was just a little vacay.

I lit a red candle and said a prayer in that church. For how could I have known that four years later we'd leave Ohio to work for a San Francisco Bay Area firm, then move back to Ohio a year and a half later?

Corporate nomadism, I call it. Changing cities, chasing that ever elusive higher pay grade...staying one step ahead of the dreaded reorgs. Some of our belongings still have the multi-colored stickers from multiple moving companies. God worked it all out for our good, though, even when we screwed up.

We've been back in Ohio (sounds like a Pretenders song) for almost five years now, and I like being still. But when my husband's company bought an Austin, Texas, company on Friday I asked him, "Ready to move to Austin?"

We were just joking, on the surface. Both of us know that if it came down to relocating again or starving, we'd opt for the former. All this came to mind when I was just researching a search engine marketing firm called Apogee Search that PayPerPost is paying me to blog about, and discovered that they are located in Austin.

According to the Austin Business Journal, Apogee Search is upgrading their Austin office digs from 3,200 to 7,000 square feet, and will double its staff by the end of 2007, so that helping-businesses-with-search-engine-marketing-thing must be working. So I feel guileless, very un-snake-oil-salesmenlike telling folks to check out joining their rank of growing customers...

And all the best to Bill Leake, president and CEO of Apogee. But, Lord willing, I'm praying I won't run into him in the grocery store any time soon. I like putting down roots and building friendships that can take years to foster. Life as a corporate nomad ain't always what it's cracked up to be...

But bookmark anyhow -- cause I can blog from anywhere in the world...

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