Blog Faster, Get Paid More Money

Ten Ways to Blog Faster by Paula Neal Mooney

Content creation is everything.

Create more pages with new and varied content, and the bucks are sure to follow.

But content creation costs both time and money.

So how do you keep cranking out the quality stuff without sacrificing your marriage and parenting or whatever else?

Here are ten ways to blog faster, and therefore inevitably earn more money and authority as a blogger in the long run:

(1) Stop Hunting and Pecking -
If I could find my old Kenwood Academy High School teacher, John Tilgner, I would plant a big fat kiss on that forehead.

He got a lot of guff from the students in my class (as you can imagine a man like him would teaching in a school that was about 80% black) because he taught us to type with fingers on the home room and without looking, except for the numbers.

"You'll know when you make a mistake," Mr. Tilgner (pictured below, so I figured I'd better include my bad yearbook pic below, too) would tell us.

And he was right.

Thank you, Mommy, for flying along at close to 90 wpm on your old IBM Selectric (Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their country...right?) and thank you John Tilgner.

Your typing lessons are paying off thru my blogging.

(2)Learn the Hot Keys -
If you don't know what holding down the Control key with other keys like X, C, V and End does for you, look it up and learn.

(Or whatever your program's hot keys are.)

Shortcuts buy users tons of time in blogging, file organization, and other stuff I'm not thinking of right now 'cause I'm blogging so fast...

(3) Learn a Little HTML...
or a lot, if your tastes can handle it.

Right now I'm typing this post in the "Edit HTML" tab of Blogger Beta, because I find it easier to insert and arrange pics and section breaks and stuff that way.

I didn't take an HTML course, I just poked around in my templates and other people's code offered up on their blogs and took to it.

It helps, not only in blogging, but also in leaving comments all over the net that link easily back to your blog -- if allowed.

(4) Organize your pics...
so that they're easy to find when you need to pull them down into a post.

I've finally gotten most of my images in one folder, so I don't have to search around too much and waste too much time looking for that perfect pic.

I've also begun to save pics there just as I'm searching the web and reading other blogs, in case I'll blog about that topic and need a quick and legal pic to use in the future.

(5) Learn your blogging platform inside and out.
Find out all your blogging platforms hacks and secrets to save time.

Learn if they'll take deep linking, so you can easily highlight links and posts you've already written -- somewhere else, perhaps -- and just copy and paste them without having to reinvent the blogging wheel...

(6) Backup your posts...
just in case something goes haywire.

I like to do this when I create a post with a lot of links and pics that would take me lots of time to recreate on the rare occasion that I lose the post before I publish it.

For example, I just clicked CTRL+A to select the entire HTML version of this post, then right-clicked (okay, so I don't hot key everything) and selected copy, opened Word and clicked CTRL+V to paste the whole thing in Word and saved it.

I'll keep repeating that till the blog is published, and voila! A nice backup copy of my blog posts just in case I lose my connection or -- heaven forbid -- the Blogger Beta server ever crashes and loses all our blogs and we have to set them up again.

(7) Don't write all the content yourself.
Sometimes you find a topic so good that you want to blog about it, but don't have the time.

Or the other person just wrote about it better than you could, so just write a teaser, label and tag it to death and lead your readers on over to the person's post.

Give them full credit of course.

Just about every week my Google alert on my name leads me to someone who's done that for me.

More pageviews for Paula...

(8) Upgrade your connection.

Man, I was over my friend Lissy's house and she was typing on her hubby Lu's laptop, and was amazed at how fast their cable connection was letting her load pages.

Soon as my revenue kicks in more, I'm looking into ditching the broadband and getting a faster hookup.

(9)Disable pop-up blockers.
They are nice at keeping those annoying, flashing "Do you like Bush?" pop-ups from breaking your flow, but unfortunately, they also keep out the "Add an Image" feature on many blogging platforms.

This point is up for debate, but I've found that disabling my pop-up blocker (still can only do this one site at a time on Internet Explorer) saves me frustration and time in the long run.

Maybe someone else knows a better way...

(10) Blog late at night, or early in the morning.
Now, I don't always follow this rule myself, but I've taken to blogging after midnight when I can (I hear the Google Adsense revenue is better then) and as early as I can pop out of bed to avoid all that other bandwidth-testing traffic.

Studies (and my Google Analytics) show that people like to hit the net at certain prescribed times during the day, and if you're trying to publish during those times, you might have a harder time doing it.

But mostly, blog whenever the feeling hits.

And hopefully these tips will help you get those feelings blogged faster.

Other fast blogging tips, fellow fast bloggers?

Bookmark for more of my fast blog posts...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
that was a greatly informative post...LOL...but I don't need to blog faster...well maybe I could, then again...nah! But it was a fun read!

And a cute pix...I hate my school pictures!
Anonymous said…
Interesting information. I'm working on typing faster myself. Sometimes you can bring pop-ups up even with the blocker by holding the {CTRL} key . I used to have cable broadband and changed to DSL verizon to be honest. It is not aways as fast with the DSL but it is overall faster because viruses don't come in as fast either :) I am overall more satisfied because it does almost everything I want fast except video and the price is much better a month saving me almost 60 bucks :) Thank God since I'm not employed and you are now my new Hero :) Hope to make some money soon God Bless.
trieditmyself said…
Hello Paula,

I like this post. I find it ironic that one of the skills I depend on for my livelihood is one that I took for granted in high school. My typing teacher was very lenient with me. Back in the day she'd let me cut her class to go and lose weight for an upcoming wrestling match. I found out that I could use that excuse when senior skip day came around. Now I spend most of my time at work typing - who would have guessed?

I appreciate the tips on blogging. I've been recently bitten by the blogging bug and am making an effort to grow as a blogger. I've come to realize that content is indeed everything, so posting fresh content worthy of readership is essential. I've decided to join blogging networks, such as (which is where I found your blog) and learn from seasoned bloggers like yourself. I'm also going to make an effort to comment on every post I read that I find interesting and helpful. Thanks again for the post.

I'll see you around the sphere!
mslatinarenee said…
Hi Paula, You have some nice pictures. I've actually started to make picture galleries specific for each blog post. Here's the site. Thought this would be a good addition to your work.

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