White Teddy Bear that Glows in the Dark all the Rage for Christmas

My hubby bought this white teddy bear that glows in the dark -- oddly named the GLO E Teddy Bear (why didn't they just call it "white teddy bear that glows in the dark"? -- for our daughter when she recently turned 4.

It is so cool! I'm predicting that this white teddy bear that glows in the dark will be the must have toy of the season. If you get the white GLO E teddy bear that comes with the magic wand, the wand will light up the teddy bear even if someone is holding the wand in another room. My 10- and 12-year-old nephews even had fun with this white glowing teddy bear.

My friend's daughter asked if she could take it home Saturday night as they were leaving a dinner party at our home. I said no. Trust me, when this white teddy GLO E bear is glowing all purple and green and pretty colors next to your child in a darkened room, you'll see why I said no.

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