When Chris proposed to me...

...it was February 15, 1997, a day that I'll never forget. (He wanted to wait till the day after Valentine's Day just to be different.)

We were in Phoenix at The Buttes hotel in a hot tub built into the mountain side.

"Everything's perfect..." I mused, looking at the flecks of crystal sparkling in God's sky, "...the stars, the night..."

"There's only one thing missing..." Chris teased.

"What could be missing?" I asked.

"If you would do me the honor of becoming my wife," Chris answered, then -- bam! -- pulled out a box containing one of those beautiful emerald cut diamond engagement rings that would put that old cat on Tom & Jerry to shame.

If you're a guy with a good woman that you know you need to put a ring on, check out Danforth Diamond for some cool rings that look pretty hot and don't cost a whole lot.

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That would have been a great experience for you, thanks for the link too I guess I will find this useful in coming future. XD

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