Pam Anderson and Kid Rock to Divorce

Can't say I'm all that surprised that Pam Anderson and Kid Rock are getting divorced after only four months together.

Pam Anderson and Kid Rock got engaged in 2002, but broke up the following year. Pam Anderson, of course, was married to Tommy Lee prior to her marriage with Kid Rock. Now it looks like both doomed marriages will end in divorce.

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee had two children together. Pam Anderson and Kid Rock have no children together.

On Pam's web site (, Pam says about her impending divorce: "Divorce. Yes, it's true. Unfortunately impossible."

Of course, those crazy fast reporters over at TMZ have all the Pam Anderson and Kid Rock divorce details, even down to video of the divorce papers. How do they get this stuff?

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Divorce said…
Pam and Tommy are a lot better together. I even saw a news report how Tommy went vegan just to win back Pam.

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