Orble.com Pays Bloggers $40 per week...

...once you "write consistently over a 2 week period and your posts attract some comments and votes," that is.

Any body else out there making money with Orble?

Somehow thru my "paid blogging" or "pay for blogging" or "blogging for pay" or "pay per post" or "pay per contribution" searching I found Orble, a site that pays folks to blog.

I sent off an application for this blog and got back this lovely email:

Hello Paula,
Thank you for your application to write an Orble Domain blog.We liked your example posts however for the moment we would ask that you start with a regular Orble blog.

A regular Orble blog is hosted on Orble.com (www.orble.com/janes-movie-blog/). An Orble Domain blog is hosted on it's own domain name (http://www.janesmovieblog.com/) and the writer is paid a commission on any revenue generated.

Regular Orble blogs have all the functionality of Domain blogs and allow the writer to fully participate in the Orble community. It costs Orble anything from $30 to $60 to set up a new Domain blog so you can understand that we like to see if a writer is able to blog consistently before committing to this expense.

If you are able to write consistently over a 2 week period and your posts attract some comments and votes we would then be happy to place your blog on a separate domain name and pay you a commission on any revenue your blog generates. At that time you would also be automatically considered for the weekly blogging "scholarship" which offers $40 pw for the first 8 weeks as your new blog is establishing itself.

You can sign up for a regular Orble blog at my.orble.com. If you have any problems setting up your new blog or have any other questions please let me know.

Regards, Jasmine.
Orble Weblog Community
On Topic Media PTY LTD

So, I set up this new blog called You Gotta See This and blogged about ol' Kramer yesterday. I fretted over figuring out where to put my some stats coding, but the folks at Orble took care of that when they sent me back this nice traffic stats email last night (obviously I need to read and follow up on their search optimizing tips):

http://www.orble.com/ (You Gotta See This)
Hit Count: 15
Individual Readers: 4
Click Readers: 3
Repeat Readers:
Recent Repeat Readers:
All Blogs AveragesHit Count: 57
Individual Readers: 25

Want to attract more readers? Read http://www.orble.com/blogging-tips/
Want to increase your Search Engine traffic? Read http://www.orble.com/the-search-engines/
For an explanation of this traffic report see http://www.orble.com/traffic-statistics/

Top Blogs by Individual Readers
1) 1010 http://www.musictimes.com.au/2) 782 http://www.dancing.net.au/3) 747 http://www.hiphop.org.au/4) 601 http://www.funnyphotos.net.au/5) 478 http://www.moviecritic.com.au/6) 453 http://www.fashion.org.au/7) 398 http://www.punk.org.au/8) 358 http://www.soccer.org.au/9) 339 http://www.tvbabble.com/10) 331 http://www.recipe.org.au/11) 329 http://www.funnypictures.net.au/12) 326 http://www.jokes.org.au/13) 309 http://www.photos.org.au/14) 309 http://www.aflinsider.net/15) 289 http://www.zcars.com.au/16) 288 http://www.onlinegames.org.au/17) 279 http://www.nbaloud.com/18) 275 http://www.healthandbeauty.net.au/19) 251 http://www.worldart.com.au/20) 245 http://www.celebrity.org.au/
Rank for http://www.orble.com/ (You Gotta See This): 451 out of 897

Referral Stats for http://www.orble.com/ (You Gotta See This)(Hits)(Readers)(Referral URL)
6 (1) none (robots, type-ins, bookmarks, reloads)2 (1) http://www.orble.com/you-gotta-see-this/2 (1) http://www.orble.com/1 (1) http://my.orble.com/community/blogs/modify/1 (1) http://my.orble.com/community/blogs/posts/modify/1 (1) http://my.orble.com/community/blogs/create-quick/1 (1) http://www.orble.com/sport/page2/?filter=21 (1) http://my.orble.com/community/blogs/posts/modify/54321/

URL Stats for http://www.orble.com/ (You Gotta See This)(Hits)(Readers)(URL)
9 (3) www.orble.com/you-gotta-see-this/6 (2) www.orble.com/kramer-yells-nigger-to-black-men-in-audience/

Domain Referral Stats for http://www.orble.com/ (You Gotta See This)(Referrals)(Domain)
5 http://www.orble.com/4 my.orble.com


Thanks for reading! Feel free to bookmark or blogroll me at http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ and drop back in some day to see what I'm up to next. Blessings and love, Paula

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