Monetize Your Blog With Clickbank...

...that's what I'm figuring out how to do now, since my original post about Michael Richards (and hopefully the follow-up) is getting lots of traffic.

So, I found out about ClickBank -- wait a minute...can you get a referral fee from refering folks to ClickBank? -- and whilst perusing ClickBank's marketplace I found this listing about SEO Elite Software that's supposed to help drive a gazillion folks to your blog and get you listed in the top spots on search engines.

Since I'm skeptical of ads that shout too loudly, I checked out SEO Elite's Google page rank, which is indeed pretty good at 6. And the "fantasy football contest" guy's testimonial checks out too, he's ranked #1 on Google's search results.

So, maybe when I get the 127 bones to spare on this SEO Elite Software, it might be worth a try to pump up my slowly growing Google adsense account.

What do you guys think? Anyone out there having success with SEO Elite Software?

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Anonymous said…
I downloaded a free trial of this once, much to my horror, my computer was bombarded with ads and I could not get rid of the program doing it since it was embedded in the browser. I don't know if that happens when you pay for it, but ever since then I stay far away from anything to do with Brad Callen.

~ Valerie
Wooo, thanks for the warning, Valerie. Has anyone else out there had any experience with this product?
Article marketing can make you huge money with clickbank.
Admin said…
I don't know anybody has used it. Explanation of the software is great and look worthy but 167 buck is too much. So I have to think again and review a lot.

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