Ed Bradley Dead at 65 from Leukemia

Beloved 60 Minutes news correspondent Ed Bradley is dead due to complications suffered from leukemia and I can barely believe it.

"Oh no!" I just gasped from reading the news. Ed Bradley was only 65, and I didn't even know he was sick.
Indeed, in this picture he does appear thinner than in previous years. But it still shows that trademark earring that I'm so glad Mr. Bradley wore.

He was a maverick in that respect, trumping other "older" folks working in respected industries and running with a trend begun by younger guys.

Ed Bradley was a kind, smart, and extra-intelligent and compassionate interviewer. He will be missed by millions. May God keep and rest his precious soul. Read more about Ed Bradley's death here...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
They announced about the Leukemia when he stepped down. He was really a great man. I will sorely miss him...I grew up on him!
I watched all the tributes on TV the day of his death. They must have been expecting it because these shows were too well produced not to have been planned in advance. The most interesting thing I heard that day was how Ed Bradley was the first black man to enter the homes of millions and millions of white men accross the U.S. via their TVs. He was accepted by one and all.

Lastly, did you see Aaron Nevil sing a song in his old buddy's honor that night? Unbelievable!

I'll sure miss Ed. Now who are they going to get to interview the cool people? Hey, why not you?

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