Danny DeVito Drunk on The View Calls Bush...

..."numb nuts" and such. Boy, if you didn't catch ol' drunk Danny DeVito slurring on The View today, you missed a show! But catch Danny DeVito on The View right now and watch ol' Danny boy's routine highly disrespecting Bush and going on about Danny and Rhea getting busy in the White House and everything.

DeVito made me laugh when I watched him on the copy of The View I TiVo'd today, because I was so stressed out with my kids that I'd grabbed a tiny bottle of white wine to sip before I watched Danny DeVito make a fool of himself. A tipsy person laughing at a drunkard.

It was hard not to agree with some of his drunken tirade right after I heard on the news that we might bone up our presence in Iraq with 20,000 more troops. But DeVito took it a little too far, and I'm standing by the man I voted for.

The audience laughed at Danny Devito when he hiccupped just like a lush...in the daytime.

Now I hear Danny has apologized to Barbara Walters. I've liked DeVito ever since Danny directed The War of the Roses. Go figure.

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wamo K said…
Well it is Danny DeVito I think his role on Always Sunny Pretty much secured him a spot to say just about anything and get away with it. From everyone at www.drinkinpeople.com

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