Create Your Own e-Book for Free

If you want to write and sell an e-book for free, here's one way to do it, converting your Microsoft Word (and others?) doc to a PDF file:

I created a 50-plus page sample chapter of an eBook which I'm not selling right now (not till the Lord leads me to market it), using this BCL easyPDF Printer Driver. (And they're not paying me to say this, so you can trust -- as always -- that this is a product I believe in.)

I use Microsoft Word so I just typed up my document then downloaded the free trial of BCL ebook creator and followed their instructions to print out the doc to a PDF file as opposed to my printer. Unlike other free eBook compilers that splash their logo all across your pages until you buy it, BCL just puts a nice little logo in the bottom right hand corner of your docs.

I never did figure out how to create the hyperlinks in my Word doc, maybe I don't have the "MSWord 2000 (or later version) installed in your PC" that BCL requires to do that, but I do seem to remember cool features like being able to disable the cut and paste and copy and print features on your eBook if you don't want folks to be able to change and/or print your text.

And don't forget to lead folks on your website or blog over to Adobe to download a free version of their reader so that people who don't have Adobe Reader can read your eBook or eBook sneak preview.

acdsee is an AWESOME photo editing software that I've used and abused a gazillion times with all their free trial offers. You can use it to mock up an eBook cover to display on your site.

Finally, set up a free blog (or use your existing site) and link it over to PayPal to accept payments for you while taking a small percentage. Voila! You're in the eBook business for free!

Yes, some folks host their eBooks on eBook hosting sites, but I never found one who did it for free up front that I really liked. Have any of you guys?

And I never figured out how to prevent one person who paid for my eBook from emailing for free to their friends without paying. But I guess that's the same issue the old hardcovers have anyway, heh? Right?

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