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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chris Rock to Divorce His Wife Malaak

It's sad to blog this news: Chris Rock, the beloved, scruffy and skinny comedian who voices the absolutely hilarious Everybody Hates Chris sitcom has filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years, Malaak Compton-Rock.

(I always loved the way that her first name rhymed with Rock. It seemed kismet...sigh...)

Ironically, Chris Rock's new movie, which is set to be released in March, is called I Think I Love My Wife.

TMZ.com reports that Rock has retained a "a high-powered divorce attorney to represent him." Uh oh. I hope this doesn't get ugly. But then again, Chris' comedy routines about marriage always were pretty bitter, heh? Plus, Chris and Malaak did separate once before, didn't they?

I also remember when Oprah asked Chris what the most romantic gesture he ever made toward his wife was he answered: "I cleared her credit." Ouch. Okay, painful, but I guess true and very unromantic.

That's the show that featured Malaak in her role as Founder and Executive Director of StyleWORKS, the "non-profit, full-service salon that provides free services for women leaving welfare and entering the workforce."

Hopefully they'll be happier apart. But with two children in the fray -- 4 year-old Lola and 2 year-old Zahra -- you gotta always kind of root for the family to stay together. With Reese and Ryan's marriage biting the dust you have to wonder: Who's next?

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Kim said...

I was really sad and quite surprised to hear this news. I really thought that they would be ones to make it. I feel bad for the kids!

A said...

Damn comedians why are they so tortured??!! They laugh to keep from crying for real!

Paula Neal Mooney said...

UPDATE: Chris Rock and his wife Malaak attended a recent premiere together. I hope this means what I think it means: No divorce?

Arkansas divorce records said...

I thought he really loved her. He always used to mention her in his shows. Ah well, shame.

divorce solicitors London said...

Sad and surprising - I don't think that life or a famous couple can be easy.

Paula Neal Mooney