Chanel's Black Nail Polish is 50 Bucks a Bottle...

...on eBay, that is. Technically called Chanel's Black Satin -- and not really black nail polish, but varnis, in the Chanel vernacular -- bottles of the No. 219 nail polish sold out so quickly that Internet entrepreneurs bought up bottles of the Chanel black polish that originally sold at Chanel counters for only $18 per bottle.

A big hit during Halloween, I'm guessing Chanel's black polish will make a resurgence during the holidays with all the en vogue skinnies looking for a matte polish to match their sparkling little black dresses.

Man, if only I'd bought a bottle or two like all these smarties selling Chanel's Black Satin on eBay...

If only Amazon had Chanel's Black Satin listed in their affiliates program...

Update: eBay has their own affiliates program and I joined today! Thank the Lord!

C'est la vie! But since Chanel's fancy smanchy polish reportedly won't be back till after Christmas, do what my friend did and fake the look with good ol' OPI:

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