37 by Maria Beaumont looks promising...

...just from the title 37 alone -- maybe it speaks so much to me because that's the age I am now -- and this description from my Publisher's Marketplace Lunch Weekly email that's been waiting in my inbox till I blogged this:

Maria Beaumont's 37, the story of a surprisingly desperate housewife suffocating in her own life and her downward spiral into depression, then her renewal and rebirth, [sold] to Ellen Archer and Pamela Dorman at Voice, by Grainne Fox at Ed Victor Ltd. (US).

The only thing I found on Amazon by Maria Beaumont is this Miss Fit paperback and something called Marsha Mellow and Me. Catchy titles. Haven't read either yet. But my Spirit sense is telling me that 37 might put Maria on the map. Can't wait for that 37...

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