My Technorati Test

Since I finally discovered again where to edit my tags on Technorati (on Favorites, under Blogs from Favorites tab, since of course I favored my own blog), I’m trying a little experiment to try and increase my blog’s buzz.

Using the AOL hot searches list, I’m adding the following search info as tags on Technorati. But to keep it ligit, I figured I’d better write a little something about each entry for the folks who are looking for more info on these topics:

Cory Lidle – Sad, sad plane crash that we all have heard about by now. May God bless his family and the instructor’s loved ones, too.

Natascha Kampusch is the kidnapped Austrian teenager who many believe suffered from Stockholm Syndrome after being held captive for 8 1 /2 years. Now Natascha wants to own the house she was locked up in so her kidnapper’s mother can live there.

Sheryl Crow, who is raising breast cancer awareness, headlined with John Mayer in the Sound Advice Amphitheatre. This was at the onset of Crow's set, with Mayer was dressed like a bear. The two reportedly rocked out to Crow's My Favorite Mistake.

Republican secretary of state candidate Sandy Sullivan sure found a way to increase her website’s traffic. Within the past 48 hours the Sandy Sullivan’s site has gone from just over 150 hits per day to more than 86,000 since Sullivan penned a book spilling the beans about past love affairs with Wisconsin’s Lombardi-era Green Bay Packers.

Tamara Dobson, a trailblazer who played Cleopatra Jones in a couple of so-dubbed blaxpoitation films, died last Monday at 59.

The Biggest Loser – I don’t watch this show regularly, but I guess some guy named Bobby Moore, a fireman, stayed in the game on the lastest episode of the popular NBC reality weight-loss series.

Project Runway is another one of those shows that I know little about, so check out junkie Katie Lee, who gives you the 411 on last night's episode.

New York Yankees – No doubt this search was spiked by Lidle’s tragic death.

One Night with the King – Now this is a movie I want to see. My church is renting out an entire theater tomorrow night. I’m hoping to get one and go. I hear it’s over two hours long, but I’m sure worth every minute. Go Esther!

New York Mets – I guess the Mets-Cardinals playoff game was rained out in New York. Whoop de doo. I’m not a big fan of baseball since my grandfather used to make us watch it and listen to it on the radio simultaneously sometimes. Sad New York days…

Grey's Anatomy – Now this show I love! According to the Sun Times and plenty of other sites, I heard McDreamy and McPreston got into some kind of brawl in real life because brother-man was picking on sweet little McGeorgie Porgie. Interesting

Panic! At the Disco guitar player hooks up with Fall Out Boy. Seriously, neither one of them is James Blunt so I don’t care. Just kidding. Maybe I’ll check out their tunes someday…

Hilary Duff – The cute actress is going to make her video game debut in the PC game called The Sims.

Miami Ink - Lloyd Banks, a rapper from G-Unit and not actor Lloyd Bridges like I first thought of, (gee I’m getting older) – got a huge tattoo and also made a 10k donation to his Queens alma mater.

Rod Stewart – “He says I’m sorry but I’m out of milk and coffee / Never my sugar…” Sorry, I got lost in the ‘70s. Anyhoo, not only was the rocker on Dancing with the Stars (I might really have to tune in now) but Rod Stewart, a father of eight, has quipped that he should have a national holiday declared when he has his vasectomy surgery.

Lost is losing its viewership. I only was intrigued by the spectacular plane crash in the initial episode and nothing more. Didn’t like the supernatural element. Therefore I have no idea if Jack cooperated with the Others.

Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition soundtrack coming out. I hate the dark stuff. Get thee behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block and an offense to me! I’ll be really glad when Halloween is over.

Jessica Simpson was said that she did get the role of Lucy Ewing in the upcoming big screen version of Dallas. Oh well, I’m sure there’s another juicy role out there for Simspon…

Willa Ford kicked off of “Dancing With the Stars”

Dancing with the Stars was probably the hot search because of hot-Rod Stewart and Willa Ford. God bless them.

Thank you for visting Paula's blog. Yes, you caught me. This is my sad little attempt to reference my own blog and get more link numbers on Technorati.


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