Katie's Revenge Photo

Inmate Charged with Forcibly Tattooing the Forehead of the Man who Raped and Killed His 10-Year-Old Cousin

I've seen this Katie's Revenge photo before. Today the story made the front page of AOL.com. I weep over the evil that is in this present world.

Let that be a lesson to others like him. Probably cold comfort for Katie's family, however. I hope they can still somehow, from somewhere from deep within their grieving souls say: "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him..." Job 13:15 Read the story here.



kystorms said…
Once again, you have brought a story to light that I would never have seen otherwise, and I thank you for that.
Thanks for commenting, kystorms. Yes, this story had me crying and crying yesterday. I can only imagine how much Katie's family has cried over her death. Have any other folks already read about Katie's Revenge? Do you feel it's poetic justice or that the tattoo won't mean a thing? Comments, please, on this story on any other at http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/
O God ,
Why people do this ? I am really very sad on reading this story .Of course its a story which can bring tears in the eyes . My condolence is with the innocent girl's family .May her soul rest in peace .
Real Exam said…
Goodness! That is as pathetic as it gets, sympathies with people concerned with the girl.

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