I'm in Love with Mayor Cory Booker...

...if not for Cory Booker having been a Rhodes Scholar, nor for his having garnered degrees from Stanford, Oxford and Yale Law School...

...if not for shirking the fabulous penthouse life Cory Booker could be living right now (with a high-blinging corporate job) to instead run for mayor of Newark, New Jersey— losing his first attempt then sticking with to win the next election...

...if not for Cory Booker putting up with NO HOT WATER for the past eight years along with other elderly residents living in the Brick Towers Housing Project in a rough section of Newark...

...but if only for these lines that Cory Booker spoke on Oprah yesterday when describing how he took a 15- and 16-year-old who both threatened his life under his wing, telling them:

"The first thing I said is, 'You've got to dress properly. You've got to cut your hair… People judge you on how you present yourself,'" Cory Booker said.

(I know he might catch hell for that "nappy hair" comment, but he's right! All of corporate America is just not ready for the locks...unless you work somewhere really free and creative.)

"'And you have to speak proper English. I can't deal with the double negatives and the slang. You have to speak the English of Frederick Douglas, W.E.B. DuBois [and] Booker T. Washington.'"

When Cory and Oprah lamented over the crap some other black people give them for speaking proper English and not being "black" enough, I was "Amen-ing" right along with my TiVo. I've been called my share of "white girl" supposed insults for knowing how to conjugate a verb or two.

"Stand back and let me show you what black people can do," Cory promised.

My God!
Where has Cory Booker been all our lives? Cory Booker for president! Wait a minute...is he pro-life?



Anonymous said…
I live in Newark and let me tell ya.. I LOVE Cory Booker.

And yes, I think he's pro-life.

Now ask me if he dates black women (my guess is no) but he is still a great, upstanding guy. Keep your eye on him!
Interesting. Thanks for your comments on Paula's blog at http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/
Anonymous said…
Will you love him if he is pro choice?
I don't know, anonymous…that's one BIG reason for me not falling completely in love with Barack Obama: http://paulamooney.blogspot.com/2006/10/what-race-is-barack-obama-barack-obama.html Will you love Mayor Cory Booker if he is pro-life?

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