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On The View today I saw clips of this new documentary called Deliver Us From Evil, which opened today in New York City.

Directed by Amy Berg, the Lionsgate's documentary Deliver Us From Evil follows Oliver O'Grady, formerly Father O'Grady, a California priest who sexually abused dozens of children during the 1970s up until his arrest in 1993.

Oliver O'Grady

After serving only seven years of a 14-year sentence, "Father Ollie" now lives as a free man in Ireland. What is most striking about O'Grady is his sickeningly honest admission of being excited by young people, whom O'Grady is creepily nearby a lot in parks and such as Berg extracts his honest confessions.

What is most heartbreaking are the accounts from the former young people he abused, now adults who weep in Deliver Us From Evil. One woman said that her last memory of O'Grady was intense pain before blacking out.

What is most infuriating is that O'Grady was repeatedly protected and shifted around by the diocese hierarchy, and the documentary accuses the current pope and others as being involved in the cover up.

Cardinal Roger Mahoney, a Catholic hierarchy head, protected O'Grady before Mahoney rose to the seat archbishop of Los Angeles. Though no one from the diocese would agree to be interviewed by Berg, videotaped testimonies from recent civil suits display plenty of question dodging and lawyer interjections of refusal to answer certain queries.

Watch a sneak preview of Deliver Us From Evil

Amy Berg's gripping documentary shows the horrible truth that many church officials were more concerned with protecting their own image than the children being raped.

One scene depicts Ann Jyono and Nancy Sloan, another victim of O’Grady, being summarily dismissed by Vatican guards as they try to deliver a letter to Pope Benedict XVI -- the same former Joseph Ratzinger that, prior to becoming pope, oversaw a special committee investigating allegations against priests, but dismissed all charges.

Both times I've seen previews of Deliver Us From Evil it has made me cry, thinking of the children that could have been saved from O'Grady, an admitted and known pedophile who said himself that he shouldn't be around children. There was reportedly one baby harmed as young as 9 months old.

Most touching was a scene with Bob and Maria Jyono. Their daughter, Ann, was raped by Mr. O’Grady when she was only 5. Mr. Jyono, a Japanese-American Buddhist, converted to Catholicism when he married his wife.

After being abused by O'Grady, little Ann realized that her father would kill O'Grady, so she kept her secret to herself for many years to protect her own dad from going to jail. When she finally told her father what happened, he said his world collapsed.

The saddest part for me is that one-time believers have equated these destructive failures of men with God, as if He were the instrument driving the abuse. To them, Church equals fraud equals throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater, they reason, and in doing so give up on Jesus altogether.

"There is no God," mourns abuse victim Ann Jyono's father, once a devout Catholic. "All these rules are made by man."

Tragic. My heart goes out to these people who have suffered an evil the depths of which many of us will never know. May they truly, finally, liberatingly some day be delivered from it. And I pray that this film takes all involved one step closer to God's grace, not away from it.

Watch the sad preview here and read reviews...

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Anonymous said…
Dear paula why are you still promoting. DELIVER US FROM EVIL. when LIONSGATE pulled the trailor. footage in that trailor was filmed illeagilly in a primary school in dublin.
Dear Anonymous - The link posted above to the trailer still works over here. Why was it pulled? I believe this documentary does a great service to show not only the horrors of pedophilia (which the Church should not turn a blind eye to and promote) but also shows the Vatican's response to the abused children as grown-ups. Never more!
Anonymous said…
Dear Paula. How you you feel if someone you never met or even heard of untill. OCTOBER 06.Used pictures of a child you knew in a film about that sick pervert. AMY BERG. HAD NO PERMISSION.What so ever off ANY of the parents or the school. So what great service will this documentary do to the four an five year old children ,who were in the first few days of school life, when Ms berg conned her way into their school to take footage of them playing. She told the school the documentary was on multiculteralisim and intagraction in the community. Now these children and there parents have to live in the shadow of this sick movie. Maybe now you understand why the trailor was removed.
I still don't understand this fully. Who are you people? Why are you posting anonymously if you feel so strongly about this?

The children featured weren't the ones abused, right? It seems to me that the people who commented here are less concerned about the fact that Amy exposed a predator in their midst -- in effect warning the good folks of Dublin exactly what kind of evil was living close to them.

It seems to me people must have a hidden agenda about squashing this truthful film. Kinda like the folks in the Church who hid the sexually abusive priest all those years...
Anonymous said…
The only hidden agenda in all this is the one AMY BERG had. The day in(2004)she walked into the school in Dublin to obtain pictures of innocent children.withouth the permission from anybody. we knew who oliver o,grady was before she made this sad movie. So we wont be thanking ms berg for anything.

Are you honestly a parent or someone who really cares about the welfare of the children featured in the Deliver Us From Evil movie and trailers?

Or, are you, like I suspect, a pedophile or someone else (from the Church, I pray not) seeking to squelch the Deliver Us From Evil movie and trailers because you're trying to keep a guilty secret even more hidden?

Do you see what God has done with the Deliver Us From Evil movie since I've posted this?

Do you see the high accolades the Deviler Us From Evil film has received in the many months since I posted this?


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