Conversations with God or Talks with Satan?

Great. The misleading Conversations With God book is now a misleading movie.
(Search inside all right, inside yourself, not this book!!!)

I first read this Conversations with God back in 1996 and it spoke to everything I was looking for:

* A "god" who doesn't punish
* A "god" I didn't have to fear
* Something smarter and more intelligent than that old Christianity I'd been running from all my life.

Well, I found all these comforting platitudes in this little tome, but in 1999 when I suffered two miscarriages and my mother dropped dead suddenly, who was the Only One there to truly comfort me when no person or feel-good fluff couldn't? Jesus Christ.

Put down this book and pick up the real Good Book -- that Walsch claims isn't real -- to find the true path to enlightenment and hope.

Neale Donald Walsch does a disservice to folks by tickling their ears with teaching that does not lead to the true salvation plainly stated in John 14:6 where Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."



kystorms said…
I have been reading your posts now for a few weeks, I find your style both entertaining and insightful. That you have the inner strength to have said what you did about the Way to the Lord is wonderful, keep up the good work here :-)
Paula Mooney said…
Thanks, bunches, kystorms!

I hope you keep reading...
Thomas said…
Only one problem with your theory: There's no such thing as Satan...
Thomas said…
I'm gonna have to stick with "Conversations". It's much less violent than your book.
Well, Thomas, I pray that Jesus makes Himself real to you.
Michael said…
I completely agree with you... Walsch has some very feel good things in his books... and I agree with him that God denies no one, and is there for every human who was ever on this earth... However it is not God's desire to see anyone suffer or stray from a path of righteousness. It is us. Everyone makes a decision to accept God, His teachings, and his Son. He will never deny anyone, we deny Him.
workerbee said…
I was at Blockbuster last Sunday afternoon and had picked out 'Dukes of Hazard'. I then saw 'Conversations With God'. I had never heard of it. The cover photo caught my attention...a man with his arms raised heavenward...we lived in Odessa, Texas in the early 80's and the Lutheran church had a statue of Jesus on the roof with his arms lifted similarly. The whole town called it the 'touchdown Jesus Church'. I only had 3 free coupons so I replaced the 'Dukes' and checked out CWG. Speaking of Jesus, I nevev heard the name of Jesus mentioned once in CWG. I should have got 'Dukes of Hazard'.
KimberHope said…
I am so glad I found your blog. I seen the movie and bought the book. What a book of deception. The book does have alot of truth but the foundation is built on sand. The foundation must always be, Jesus! The rock of our Salvation! Without him the house will fall. The book is teaching the biggest deception satan wants everyone to believe. That he doesn't exist. Boy aren't the decieved going to be suprised when they meet there roommate in hell. The book is also teaching to always go by your feelings. The Lord teaches us to go by faith! Faith is definitely not a feeling! Well before I get into a rant I want to thank you for having this blog on this topic. I wish it was one of the firsts on the list when you google the title, conversations with God, or should I say conversations with the disceiver.

enzo said…
I haven't even read this book yet but I am curious. I see this posted a lot "The foundation must always be, Jesus! The rock of our Salvation!"
What I don't see is what it MEANS or supposed to MEAN.
And don't give me the "whatever it means to you!" line...because That's the thing that I've always found lacking in that argument. I'll read this book for a perspective...I may even learn something from it. But for someone to say that the ONLY book is THE BOOK, seems simple minded. There was much of that BOOK that was never printed...why?
Answer some of these questions for me please...I've been lost for a long time and I seem to be getting further and further from myself.
Wow, Enzo.

I'm praying for you big time right now, that the Lord make Himself real to you.

That's all it's really about -- which is to say it's about a LOT.

The Bible can seem just like a bunch of words on the surface, and a friend I knew who read it from cover to cover said it was pretty "dry."

And I never really read it growing up and didn't worship at a church with my family on Sundays.

All I knew back then was that I felt better when I talked aloud to God -- I was around 9 or 10 or so.

Fast forward to the day I was 30 years old, had two miscarriages and got a call one day that my mother was dead.

After the funeral and after everybody left and I still had such deep sadness, I went to a church for real that I'd only visited occasionally.

I sat there for months and months listening to the preacher invite people up to "invite Jesus into their hearts."

I finally made the trek up the aisle and kneeled on the purple-carpeted ledge and said what they call a prayer of salvation.

Basically, it's a prayer I said asking Jesus to take over my life and to do something with the messed I'd made.

I'd played around with Feng Shui and numerology and a lot of other stuff just searching and searching...

So I finally relented to what I thought was rudimentary Christianity and opened the Book I'd long treated like a relic and started to learn Jesus' words that He did in fact die on the cross for me -- and you -- and was resurrected.

After that, things got better -- but I don't want to make it seem like life is a total cakewalk after what they called salvation or "getting saved."

Anyway, two years after that I had a powerful experience at church whereby I envisioned Christ (just His robe, not His face or anything like that) on the stage and I fell to my knees -- not of my own volition.

I still study the Word all the time and pray every day and I just couldn't make it without Him.

So all this talk about "leaning on the Rock!" and all that stuff is just our Christianese way of saying give Him a try.

I tried all the other stuff.

I ran away from God for a while since the days I was a little girl talking to Him in my room.

* I tried drugs.
* I tried sex.
* I tried alcohol.
* I had money.
* I tried getting deep into yoga teachings and such.

NONE of that stuff was there after my mother died and I lost my babies and I felt so alone.

Nothing but Jesus.

Give Him a try.

Please write me back,
patrick said…
watched Conversations with God recently... i appreciate the point that Neale Donald Walsch makes about having freedom to admit that he's not perfect so he can move on from where he is... however, your'e right, Walsch's overall message is full of deceptive half-truths
Tebogo Pooe said…
The problem with the world today is that many religions(christians, muslims etc) believe that their religion is the one and only true path to God. If the human race is to advance as a whole we need to learn how to embrace differences, come together(everyone from muslims buddhists and even ATHEists) and respect each others belief systems and learn to LOVE each other.
Michael Angelo said…
Donald Walsh didn't talk with God but with a demon, the whole tale is a halfway story. What I can see( and it doesn't appear in the book nor the film ) it's that when he was poor and desperade, he made a pact to the "enemy" by selling him his soul for richness and recognition on Earth. So a demon spirit comunicated the whole "teaching or conversations" for his book to disceive people who is in the search for God.
takepillsdie said…
im glad u found ur place in our current energy vampire death cult. i hope it works for u cause it obviously isn't working for anyone else in the world (including urself)... jesus would have kicked the bankers out by now u spineless minions for satan. wake up and get in gear! billy graham is a satan worshiping free mason btw. google it. do u know we're about to go under a world currency and after that the microchip? u ready? it's already in ur passports and for some, drivers licenses.. google real id ..what do u think the "smart tag" is on ur car? do u all know whats in the swine flu vaccine?? .. yeah jesus works. maybe to keep us slow and stupid. how come ur not telling Me this? no so called preachers nowadays are speaking things that matter on a day to day basis. how about more talk on getting us all out of debt, or becoming less dependent on cars, genetically modified food, medical mafia drug kingpins killing ur grandma? I don't see many christians starting biking groups to end oil wars. Where did that christian music ur so into come from? like who owns it? ur not fooling anyone. ur just scared that it doesn't work so u have to convert or condemn everyone else. why can't we accept that we're all different and truly join to fight the energy vampires that suck us all to death? .. yep.. go back to sleep.. Zzz
rEnginEEr said…
Fear. we are afraid of the realities of the earth and we turn to religion. That very religion creates social dysfunction. We get few verses that blind us and justifies our actions. We ignore the verses that do not match our needs. Peolpe need to mature and see what exist in the physical realm. There is a purpose why a spiritual being existed in the physical world. Keep fighting the demonic wars that you never know how they started. Keep searching for devil everyday and u will regret the lyf u wasted.

"Any clear thinker who looks at what religion has done must assume religion has no God!!! For it is religion which has filled the hearts of men with fear of God, where once man loved that WHICH IS in all its splendor. It religion which has ordered men to bow down before God, where once man rose up in joyful out-reach. It is religion which has burdened man with worries about the wrath of God , where once man sought God to lighten his burden. It is religion which told man to be ashamed of his body and its most natural functions, where once man celebrated those functions as the greatest gift of life;

Everywhere religion has gone it has created dis-unity – which is the opposite of God. Religion has separated man from God; man from man ; man from woman- some religion are even telling man that they are above women thus setting the stage for the greatest travesties ever foisted upon half the human race. Wars are justified to get ride of the other religion. Man can’t talk openly to another about God fearing the religion of the other."

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