Yahoo Marries MyBlogLog...and Pays 10 Million Dollar Dowry

Yahoo Marries MyBlogLog...and Pays 10 Million Dollar Dowry by Paula Neal Mooney

Okay, I know that seriously sounds like a cheesy headline from some shady site, but that's pretty much what happened today to 6-month-old startup when Yahoo confirmed that they purchased today.

Of course Yahoo won't spill the details of the moola exchanged, but reliable reports confirm that sources close to the deal say that Yahoo shelled out anywhere from $10 million to $12 million dollars for the baby startup MyBlogLog.

More than anything, I'm amazed at how Spirit-led my blogging life has become. I first joined back on October 24, 2006, when was just a 3 1/2 month old and had no connection with mega-giant Yahoo. Mainly I just wanted this cool widget that shows who has recently visited my blog.

So that's pretty much where my love affair with cooled off -- that is, until this weekend, when some lovely soul (also tipped-off by the Lord about Yahoo's future purchase of added me as a contact on and the geniuses at automatically e-mailed me to let me know that fact.

Hmmm...I thought. Think I'll get back on and play around. So I went crazy this weekend on the pre-Yahoo, poking around blog profiles and adding contacts with interesting possibly non-devil-worshipping folks. I even wrote a post called Are We All Lonesome Fame Junkies? and plopped pics of my new MyBlogLog virtual friends in it.

I was moving around so much on this weekend that they put me in their "hot members" section. (Wonder what you've gotta do to get there?)

Then lo and behold the news broke that MyBlogLog had been bought by Yahoo, and of course I only found this out thru another MyBlogLog e-friend. I was so excited for MyBlogLog (you'd think Yahoo bought my blog today!) that I could barely write this news report about Yahoo making an honest woman out of MyBlogLog.

I also e-mailed co-founder Scott Rafter and he actually replied on MyBlogLog page!

That's the kind of niceness I'm talking about. Much love and happiness to those MyBlogLog people. I hope they have a great time moving to Golden Gate land...

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rafer said…
Of course, I responded. I'm not perfectly reliable, but I do what I can. :) said…
Good article! I am struggling along trying to figure out how MyBlogLog really works. When I finish dealing with my Dad's health I'll review this again.
Hey trinigourmet...yeah, non-devil worshipping. Was I not clear?
Tisha! said…
Let's hope this is a good thing because I don't want MyBlogLog to change.

Hey girl I love to read ya ^.^

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