Wanna Get Listed on Google News? Use American Chronicle to Increase Pageviews...

Wanna Get Listed on Google News? Use American Chronicle to Increase Pageviews...by Paula Neal Mooney

Can I tell you how much I'm lovin' American Chronicle right now? I'd searched and searched for ways to get listed as a news source on Google News. I submitted my Orble blog to try and get on Google News, but they summarily rejected it, saying that Google News didn't accept websites maintained by one person.

Then Orble bought the GoodAndBadNews.com domain name for me, which I considered building up and using multiple bylines and submitting to Google News...I still might do that.

But in the meantime, Googling for "submit to Google News" or "get included in Google News" or something like "PLEASE GET ME ON GOOGLE NEWS!!!" I found some guy whose blog post led me to American Chronicle. (Sorry, dude, I'm feeling research lazy right now. I'll give you the link credit later, hopefully...)

Anyway, I sent the editors at American Chronicle three of my best Associated Content articles' links and forgot about it. A week or so later, after I'd forgotten who the heck American Chronicle was, they sent me the approval and I started submitting articles up the wazoo to American Chronicle.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that American Chronicle takes HTML, so I can just copy my blog posts' HTML right on over to my American Chronicle articles. They publish relatively quickly...some stuff went up the same day, within an hour or two or three. Other stuff is languishing. They might not like my iframe Amazon code or blatant blog promotion...

But American Chronicle does get writers so much more exposure and in the face of folks like my sister, who admitted today that she excludes blogs on her Google News alerts about Chavez (she works for an oil company) -- and I understand. Many times I only search Google News in hopes of only finding the straight news stories.

See my Associated Content article about American Chronicle to find out the particulars...and email subscribe or bookmark http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ for more tips like this to increase your readership.

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