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Paula's List of Blogger Salaries...Are you on the list?

Update: For those who continue to enjoy this post, check out my website about 50 real online people making more than $50k per year, and my page where I update my online salary.

UPDATE: Before you read any further or especially link to this old list, please check out "Paula's New List of Blogger Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of) June 2007" by clicking here! ~ Thanks, PAULA NEAL MOONEY

by Paula Neal Mooney

One of my favorite features in Parade magazine is the issue where they grab a random sampling of people and report their incomes -- from the millionaires to the working poor.

Since I'm fascinated with how much money bloggers and webmasters are making nowadays, I've created a similar list -- a random sampling of people making money on the net.

Who's on Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries?
I spent hours and hours scouring the internet for the last-reported information about bloggers/webmasters and their revenue. Some are hard-core daily bloggers, some run sites with lots of pageviews but not much written content -- like dating sites.

Be it listed on their own blogs, in articles about them or in the comments section of posts like Google Whores and other places, I tracked down the dollar signs of bloggers/webmasters around the globe.

I even used the Babel Fish Translator to translate info from other languages into English. (A big ol' Queen Liz curtsey to Bonnie Calhoun for this tip.)

For the bean counters...How did Paula calculate the list of blogger salaries?
Whether reported daily, weekly or monthly, I took the income number reported and annualized it to create the below list.

I assumed no growth rate for the annualized salaries, even though some dot com moguls like John Chow are reporting huge growth rates in blogging revenue from March to April 2007.

Since others reported a dip from prior months, I figured assuming a growth rate of 0% would even things out overall. (I did take Intermediate Accounting I and II in college...)

I also took the numbers at face value -- some webmasters list their gross revenue, some net. Others include swag, pay for services, etc. -- all the perks that they wouldn't have gotten if not for blogging.

Who's missing from Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries?
You'll also note that some heavy hitters are missing from the list, like John TP, who isn't yet comfortable with revealing his blogging salary.

Also missing is Kevin Rose, whose estimated $60 million, 18-month-long salary touted on the cover of Business Week was called irresponsible journalism by some, so I'm staying away from folks whose salaries are too hard to quantify until they tell us themselves.

I left off the porn bloggers' filthy lucre. I hope.

Lastly, sploggers -- or, "internet entrepreneurs," as he prefers to be called -- like Andre, whom author Ted Demopoulous shared beers and vodka with at the Hotel Taroy bar in Khanty-Mansiysk, Central Siberia, when interviewing for his book, What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere, are not on the list.

Sploggers or content scrapers akin to Andre that are quietly making a mint on the net don't go around publishing their income.

Who wants to be a dot com millionaire?
Missing dot com moguls that I'd like to see on future updates of Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries are listed in "My Prayer List" section of this Google spreadsheet with all the dirty details of how I arrived at the annualized income on Paula's List of Blogger Salaries.

Here's hoping that the people who don't yet post their income will be included on forthcoming lists, so they can take their rightful place amongst the top earners...

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Without further ado, here's the list:

Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries
#Blogger, Webmaster or WebsiteEst. Annual IncomeSource Link
1 - Markus Frind$3,650,000.00Paula's List Source
2 - David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard of FreeWebLayouts$1,200,000.00Paula's List Source
3 - Jason Calacanis of Weblogs$1,095,000.00Paula's List Source
4 - Tim Carter of$511,000.00Paula's List Source
5 - Rosalind Gardner$436,797.00Paula's List Source
6 - Steve Pavlina$365,000.00Paula's List Source
7 - Matther Daimler and wife of$360,000.00Paula's List Source
8 - Joel Comm$281,501.52Paula's List Source
9 - Jose Ribeiras$240,000.00Paula's List Source
10 - Sharon Maguire of$237,250.00Paula's List Source
11 - Al at Self-Made Minds$153,921.24Paula's List Source
12 - John Chow$140,431.92Paula's List Source
13 - Max Goldberg of$133,262.64Paula's List Source
14- Jane May of Career Ramblings$124,465.00Paula's List Source
15 - ProBlogger Darren Rowse$120K - $1.20 MillionPaula's List Source
16 - Jeremy Schoemaker of$120,000.00+Paula's List Source
17 - Shawn D. Hogan at$120,000.00Paula's List Source
18 - Chris Lawrence of Top Hat Weddings$120,000.00Paula's List Source
19 - Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur's Journey$78,594.00Paula's List Source
20 - Connected Internet$77,020.20Paula's List Source
21 - Erin Pavlina$60,000.00Paula's List Source
22 - Woot, Inc.$54,750.00Paula's List Source
23 - Tim Flight of GPS Review$50,000.00Paula's List Source
24 - Andrew Leyden of$40,000.00Paula's List Source
25 - Blog Talks$36,735.60Paula's List Source
26 - Robert Hoskins of$36,000.00Paula's List Source
27 - Mubin Ahmed$32,196.00Paula's List Source
28 - Tyler Cruz$22,984.99Paula's List Source
29 -MenJ at Critical Thoughts, Brutally Honest$14,046.84Paula's List Source
30 - Adam Dempsey's Blog$13,672.80Paula's List Source
31 - MenthiX (per comment on Adam Dempsey's blog)$12,051.84Paula's List Source
32 - Matt Coddington of Net Business Blog$12,000.00Paula's List Source
33 - Michael Brougham of Soul Mate Find$12,000.00Paula's List Source
34 - Maybach$12,000.00Paula's List Source
35 - Robert L. Kuhn of$12,000.00Paula's List Source
36 - Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine$12,000.00Paula's List Source
37 - Paula Neal Mooney$12,000.00Paula's List Source
38 - Business Logs$9,000.00Paula's List Source
39 - Working Nomad$8,928.00Paula's List Source
40 - Nikolai of CBTrends$8,400.00Paula's List Source
41 -LeftBlank$6,610.08Paula's List Source
42 - Bev at I'm Living in Hormoney$6,000.00Paula's List Source
43 - How to Earn Money Blogging$4,995.64Paula's List Source
44 - Lazy Man and Money$4,707.96Paula's List Source
45 - Courtney Tuttle$3,516.12Paula's List Source
46 - Mike's Money Making Mission$83,970.12Paula's List Source
47 -Earn Money Online$3,944.16Paula's List Source
48 - All Tips and Tricks Exposed$2,316.00Paula's List Source
49 - Nomar at King Nomar$2,229.00Paula's List Source
50 - Live Learn Invest$1,752.00Paula's List Source
51 - Ontora$1,728.60Paula's List Source
52 - Kumiko Suzuki$1,724.07Paula's List Source
53 - Crazy Hamster - A Student's Blog$1,385.28Paula's List Source
54 - Andrew Rouhafzai at A2 Network Webmaster Blog$1,242.72Paula's List Source
55 - Genius Types$1,163.64Paula's List Source
56 - Derek Semmler$1,102.20Paula's List Source
57 - Kevin Vahey of Charlie on the MBTA$1,000.00Paula's List Source
58 - The Anand's Ripples$851.28Paula's List Source
59 - M3$849.00Paula's List Source
60 - Dollar James$479.88Paula's List Source

Spot any inaccuracies with my estimated blogging/webmastering salaries?

Did I miss any blogger who posts their income?

By all means, tell me the correct figures! Lead me to their URL!

Are you on it? Wanna be?

Leave me a comment with a link to your post documenting your most-recent monthly blogging income. And title or tag your future income postings with "Paula's List of Blogging Salaries" so I'll know you want to be included.

Reading this list and researching other successful bloggers has inspired me endlessly, like Al's list of the most-read feeds on Self Made Minds.

And of course, good bloggers like John Chow lead the way -- he's one who proves he's not in it just for the money, since he donates all his blogging income to divine pursuits.

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Anonymous said…
Interesting post! It's clear that some people can earn a good living by blogging. One figure I'd like to see added to your chart is how long each blogger has been at it.

I don't publish how much I've earned from blogging (I don't include Associated Content because I've never really been sure if that's a blog) is because I haven't actually earned anything. I have some balances pending, but so far, nothing to cash out.

I hope to change that.

Interesting piece!
Anonymous said…
Wow, I made the list and I'm actually not at the very end! ;)

Very interesting list though and I can now set goals to overtake those ahead of me on the list!
Paula, you must have spent a lot of time researching this and putting it together. it's wonderfully informative.
I've noticed your page views jumped dramatically from yesterday to today.
Also, I think Darren Rowse's site on ProBlogging is excellent. There's a great deal to learn from his site - and yours.
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,

I'm honored to make the list.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link :)

You happened to find a lower earning month for me, the previous month I was about $400 up :P

Very nice list though, must have taken a while to put together :)
Mubin said…
What's it take for someone to get a picture posted?

And a live link in their name place?

SOrry for sounding greedy!!!

Great article btw!
Paris David said…
Thanks, everyone. God is able!

I'm so inspired by these other bloggers and what I learned from researching and creating the list.

Adam - Thanks for hitting me back. I'll update your new and higher salary on the next list.

Mubin - Sorry...I only picked pictures randomly. I'm so glad they fit in the table.

I wanted to get the list finally posted before my Sudafed nighttime pills kicked in. Love 'em!

I'll remember to add your pic on the updated list of "Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster" salaries.

(Yes, always thinking of SEO!)
Anonymous said…
Hey Paula, Wow this must have taken a lot of work. It's a great resource for judging one's own progress. Thanks for putting it together! I'm already a subscriber so I look forward to updates. Also I hope to have enough income to make the list someday. Right now my income is so low that I would be way too embarrassed to mention it! :-) Rock on!
Rich Minx said…
Hi Paula,

I found your blog through your comment on Single Ma's Fabulous Financials. Great post - I've Dugg it - and I've added you to my favourites so I can keep up with your good advice.

I'm not on the list :( but I'm only a new blog so I'm hoping that will change!

Rich Minx
Paris David said…
Thanks Laura and Derek and Don and Kenric and Agent Sully and Rich Minx!

Yeah, I love Single Ma's Financials blog too. I couldn't find her blogging income, so I didn't put her on the list, but hopefully the next one.

I love these face-offs!

And thanks for Digging me everybody:Paula's List of Blogger Salaries...Are you on the list?

Take care,
Ben Jones said…
This article must have taken forever to write. I must say that i'm inspired by your dedication. Keep up the good work. You'll climb that list soon enough!
Unknown said…
This shows there is lots of room to grow the market.

Not that many folks are really making a living at blogging overall.

It also demonstrates that it is not easy. Some of the people on the list are not really known for blogging, but for marketing, or affiliate sales.
Anonymous said…
Remember the old story about the Gold Rush? Most prospectors went broke, but most of the money made was by people selling goods and services to the prospectors. I wonder if web 2.0 is going to turn out the same way?
Any idea how this Blogger salary list would break down between "How To Make $" Blogs and pure content bloggers?
Paris David said…
That's a good idea, Harry.

I can't see this list morphing into many different subcategories:

* Those that are purely webmaster who don't write content

* Those who are salaried and work for sites like Gawker or Weblogs, etc. (and those who are per post)

* And those that are pure content writers...

It could go on and on!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for mentioning me. Although I don't really own a blog (I should really start one some day soon :P), my earnings come from various other sites where my users create the content.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mention and link Paula, nice list you have going on there (though I am exceedingly surprised to be at the #11 spot).
Martin Lindsey said…
Hey Paula, I have a couple of spin-off questions related to blog earnings.

You and others have mentioned switching your platform to Wordpress. I'm going to do it too. Just haven't decided when.

When I make the switch to a new platform and my actual domain name will that affect my rankings? In other words can my current Technorati rankings transfer to my new domain name or will the new domain have to start from the bottom and earn its own ranking reputation?

For those of you who are already earning income, would changing to your own domain name (for example, separate from your "" site) affect your earnings negatively just because the domain name changed?

Just curious to know while I'm cobbling my master plan together.
Jim.Legington said…
Hey Paula,

That is another great post and I'm glad to Digg it. I can disclose what I've been practicing now for seven years to learn how use the internet to bring glory to God Our Father in Jesus Christ.

It's not about me, but the Desire of Jesus Christ Our Lord, Compassion for Everyone is His Will. Great Day!

Paris David said…
Hey Menthix - I was wondering about your site. That's smart, having other folks create the content! But I love creating my own, too.

Don't worry, Al, you'll probably drop down as more and more of the heavy-earners realize the benefits to posting their income. It's sort of like putting-your-money-where-your-blogging is: People are more willing to follow folks whose methods are tried and true.
Paris David said…
Thanks Jim and Martin for Digging my post!

You're right, the point is to transfer the glory...

And Martin, I was just thinking about that same issue with transferring to Word Press.

I'm holding out for these reasons:

1 - My blogspot domain name is nearly two years old and ranked well

2 - Technorati doesn't yet meld the two links. For example, if I buy BIG6YEAROLD.COM or something, and folks start linking to that new domain name and still link to my old blogspot domain name, Technorati counts those links separately.

3 - There is a woman with a blogspot domain name in Technorati's Top 100 blogs.

4 - I could used a redirect and redirect all this blogger stuff to a dot com, but the Google Pagerank would take a long time to follow.

5 - While there are pro to switching to a dot com: More professional in the eyes of the IT community and everywhere -- plus the fact that some ad places just don't accept blogspot URLs -- I'm just not ready to change yet.

I want to, but I'm waiting till the right time till these issues are resolved.

BillyWarhol said…
U GO GIRL!!*********


i actually wanna be the First Web2.0 Billionaire!!

to be honest i have a long way to go but i just signed up fer a ClickBank account & i have an Affiliate Program picked out!! So I'm all Excited!!

Cheers Paula! Billy ;))

Matt said…
Thanks for the mention :) Nifty list!

- Matt @
Rod said…
Great Posting and obviously you are getting better and better as the checks show! Perhaps I can one day make money on Alex' blog to pay for the adoption costs!

Technorati Fav you and links. Cheers

Visit Alex web site today and discover the true, heart warming story of faith and prayers. Read how this young Ethiopian street child is being rescued from a certain death on the streets of Addis Ababa. DISCOVER THE REAL LIFE STORY OF HOPE AND SUCCESS FOR ALEX Link to us today and follow the progress as Alex adjusts to the safe world in Europe where he will hopefully soon get a good education and health.

Add to Technorati Favorites
Viqi French said…
Wow, Paula. Excellent 'investigative reporting'! LOL

And your motivational finds are presented in a stunning chart, not less. You are amazing!

I'll be more than happy to Digg this one. ;-)
This is false/misleading information. Weblogs, Inc. made $100k a month from Google Adsense--not me personally. Weblogs, Inc. was a professional company with ~100 blogs including Engadget, Autoblog, TVSquad, and Luxist. It was the first large blog NETWORK... you will NOT make this kind of money as an individual on one blog.
Mark said…
thanks for the list Paula. =)
Mark said…
you can check problogger btw of a more specific range to darren's earnings, somewhere in his archives.

i'm from this site
Anonymous said…
While I dont post my numbers on my sites, I do discuss them in other places...Money Blog Forums. Thanks for all your work!
Anonymous said…
Don't forget that famous six-figure blogger, Manolo the Shoeblogger.
Unknown said…
Hi Paula,

My site, does currently over 700 USD/month from AdSense.

I currently have over 15,000 daily visitors. If you need SEO advice, drop me a line.

(I have a PageRank of 7 and hope to be able end up with 8 by the end of this year)
Anonymous said…
Very interesting list ... not entirely sure how acurate it is, but none the less interesting.
Anonymous said…
Very inspiring Paula, thank you for taking the time to put this together!

All the best,

Rose said…
Well all I can say is that this is a very encouraging list. I have started to post entries on how people are making money with their blogs - hopefully to help encourage others who want to do the same thing. If they see others making money with their blogs - hopefully that will encourage them as well.
Anonymous said…

I can not make a post on my blog about income due to privacy concerns regarding specifics, but I can provide it to you in private. My blog is and I will be more than happy to give you details if you would use the Contact form there or send an e-mail to jason [at] jasonberlinsky [dot] com requesting the information.

Unknown said…
This has to be the dumbest blog post I've read since the beginning of blogging.
Cade said…
This is such an interesting post. I know courtney tuttle and I have been there since the beginning and how amazing his growth has been. I know he will be an impressive blogger some day that people will remember.
Anonymous said…
I guess I'm a bit like John TP and uncomfortable disclosing exact earnings. Besides, I'm not even sure if I count because my earnings come from my website, not my blog. At any rate, let's just say that would come in at around number 20 on your list. Earnings are good enough that the Adsense People were good enough to write about us.
Anonymous said…
The title is inaccurate I think. Several of those on the list make money from non blogging sources. They just happen to have a blog which doesn't generate any income.
Paris David said…
Okay, I'm too excited to sleep right now.

Oh, so that's you, Mr. Grown Up Geek. Okay, I read that. I understand that some folks don't want to reveal their earnings.

Yeah, I should've titled it "Paula's List of Bloggers, Webmasters, Those-Who-Don't-Blog-But-Run-a-Dot-Com-
and-Still-Post-Their-Income-Numbers or Anywhere in Between..."

Jason - Your site amazed me.

And thanks for the kind words, Rose.

Anonymous, thanks for the Manolo tip.

And thank you, Rob, for leading me to Darren's archives for more accurate earnings. Think I'll go hunt them down for the updated future version.
Janette Toral said…
Hi Paul. I linked your post to my blog as I shared my revenue generating strategies too. May your post inspire more bloggers!
Anonymous said…
Add me if you like. I am posting my earnings for a blog I started in November. I will be at the bottom of the list for my total earnings right now, but I did clear $100 in April so I can start working my way up hopefully.

My site is
Janette Toral said…
Hi Paula. Sorry for misspelling your name. Thank you again for this very insightful post.
Anonymous said…
I just posted my earning from Google AdSense.

The page is in Chinese but I would like to tell you that I have earned 1840 from Jan. to March.
Anonymous said…
Here you go, Paula. Great post!
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,

This is the first time I've read your blog. What I like about it is how you ask people to Digg the article, subscribe to your feed, and leave comments. You aren't subtle, and I think that's great. I'll try to follow your lead. Here goes: go to my site and comment! And while you're at it, Digg an article. Heck...look for the Donation button and send me a couple of dollars! :)

Nice to meet you. Love the content I've read so far.
Anonymous said…
Paul Hope to be on that list on the next few months... :)

Heres my april income and im targetting 300+ this month
Author said…
Very cool post, I think it appeals to the voyeur in all of us. Knowing what others are earning. I run the Million Dollar Project and post my earnings from Affiliates, Donations, Adsense and Sponsored Reviews. $163.55 so far, in two months!
Anonymous said…
It's really amazing how can they make so much money from just blogging, or creating some websites. I think I will need to learn more from them. :)
Anonymous said…
For the love of god, size down that Kumiko picture! It's bad enough having that guy who blogs as a Japanese girl on your list, and he certainly doesn't deserve such a giant picture!
Anonymous said…
I am the Working Nomad and currently on your list.

You have quoted me with the wrong earnings instead picking up one of my guest bloggers.

My earnings are currently averaging $6000 a month,


crazy4bass said…
Hi Paula great post would love to be on your list. I like lists. It's pretty cool to see where you stack up against some of the names you hear all the time. Here's a link to earnings post:
Anonymous said…
Excellent Paula! I see Darren and John have linked to you, soon you will be at the top of the list!

Great job!
Anonymous said…
Great job with the list. Very informative.

When we talk about Blogger earnings, is it general or only earnings received from blogging? In Markus Frind's case for example, probably generates most of this revenue no? And it's a dating service not really a blog.

I was just curious how 'blogger' was defined. said…
Posted my approximate earnings over here:

You can add me to future lists if you want.
Anonymous said…
You can add me, my list of earnings from april-may was over $1500 dollars :) its posted on my site
Anonymous said…
Here's another one:

Where is the India's ace blogger Amit Agrawal? He had hinted many times about his blog earnings. His blog URL is
Paris David said…
Yeah, I'm going loosely with the blogger/webmaster role.

Some are true bloggers that write content and such, while others are webmasters who run their own domains along with Google ads and such -- like the dating sites, etc.

I was pretty much throwing in any and everybody who posted their revenue.

And thanks for all the links to other folks I missed!

They'll appear on the next Paula's List of Blogger/Webmaster Salaries ...WHEN THIS MAKES DIGG'S FRONT PAGE, LORD WILLING, WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE GRAB A SCREENSHOT FOR ME? THANKS! -- I'm thinking of doing this update monthly. It'll take me that long to track and verify all these incomes!

And thank you, too, Anonymous!
All this time I've been thinking Kumiko was a girl! Anyone have his real pic?

Anonymous said…
Wow, what a list!
I've only bin blogging 10 weeks and was interested in revenues.
Perhaps you would comment on the following?

Website - income - Alexa rank.
Free web layouts - $1.2 million - Alexa rank 4,308.
Weblogs - $1.1 million - Alexa rank 18,120.
Shoemoney - $120k - Alexa rank 1790.
GPS review - $50k - Alexa rank 156,383.
Paula Mooney - $12k - Alexa rank 167,732.
CB Trends - $8k - Alexa rank 29,504.

There is no consistency here what so ever.

Either Alexa is no predictor of revenue (Which it is not desogned to be) or the revenue estimates are poorly reported by the earner.

Or - various bloggers are missing out on potential revenue that could be earned by their higher traffic.

Or, some other reason.
Hi Paula,

Excellent post. I hadn't even heard of the first five. I was surprised to see Problogger way down at 15, also no mention of TechCrunch ? Lots of stuff and ideas to dig into!
Hi again Paula,
A susbidiary comment. No. 46 seems to be wrong somewhere as you have got him as earning $86,000 which should put him higher.
Talia said…
Fascinating post but you appear to have overlooked the celebrity and gossip bloggers who I suspect make big money. People like perez hilton, go fug yourself, tmz etc etc have huge traffic.

What do you think?
Anonymous said…
You know, this is a great list and you did great work on it, but it's not very accurate and you left a LOT of people off. There shouldn't be anyone below six figures on there. I'm not trying to tear you down at all, so please don't think that!

Anyways I was going to say what Talia said....gossip bloggers are making bank. Perez pulls in $30k per ad, and then there's, Pink Is The New Blog, Hollywood Tuna, The Superficial just to name the biggest ones.

Don't forget fashion bloggers either. Especially those in the Glam Network because they pay 20-50c per click.

Last month was actually my best month. I made atleast $1500 not including swag or AC. My blogs aren't all that popular either.

Great work, still!
Bloggers said…
great post! Gives me a way to set some goals. I currently am making about 400.00 a month and want to make more.
Anonymous said…
I can't find labnol here. quite surprising. Labnol.Blogspot.Com
Anonymous said…
Paula, it's great to finally have a list of blogging "salaries" so that people who are considering blogging for income can get a reality check on how much you can (or can't) make online. Hopefully you can refresh the list every 3 months or so to add & update the numbers as you find more.
Paris David said…
As Christ often went to mountainsides alone to pray and commune with Father God when the crowds pressed, I retreated to the weight machines and my local steam room to learn my next steps.

So here are the responses I owe all you lovely people!

* Yeah, derek, you’re not at the very end! ;)

* Donbizblogger - Yes, pageviews are at 10,000 and counting for the last 36 hours!

* Kenric it’s an honor to have you on the list.

* Adam Dempsey you are welcome, next month, higher higher salaries!

* Mubin I will look for your pic at and live link to you in the name place.

* AgentSully my Digg team member. I’ll play around on Digg this weekend or so…

* Rich Minx – Thanks again for your Digg. Hope to add you to my next list.

* Benjamin Jones- Entrepreneur Guide – Yes, it took a few days. And now I’m so grateful to the Lord that the work is paying off. Look at all those backlinks!

*Digital Nomad – Yeah, and I forgot to add this quote I found:

“The term weblog was coined in 1997, shortened to the word blog in 1999, and has been mainstream for at least five years, according to research firm PQ Media LLC. As the number of blogs has exploded to more than 57 million today, the blog ad marketplace has also surged -- from $100,000 in 2002, to an estimated $36.2 million in 2006, according to PQ Media. Blog advertising is expected to grow to $300.4 million in 2010.”

So you’re right, there is lots of room to grow the market. And somebody is collecting all that ad revenue! It’s good to see a breakdown of how it all plays out…

*Harry L – Sometimes I think that, too, about the Gold Rush implications. Especially in the case of people buying $47 (or $97) ebooks left and right, hoping to get rich. At least I feel good promoting the free sites – like Associated Content. I like the ones where we only make money if our referrers make money, and so on. So no harm, no foul…

I believe this list will be the springboard for many, many more detailed lists, broken down by pure content writers, dating site webmaster salaries, social networking site CEO salaries, etc.

* MenthiX – Did you give me your domain name?

* Al Carlton – Yes, again, you’re only #11 for now because these are the only people I found who posted their salary. It’ll be interesting to see what number you are on the next, and then work your way back up…

*Martin Lindsey. – You, along with TD Jakes and Sunny Ellis have inspired more than you know these last couple of days. I just bought my dot com domain name. Look for changes! You’re making me an actionist too!

* Jim.Legington – Thanks Jim, again, for standing in the name of God Our Father in Jesus Christ. You are a blessing to us all.


* BillyWarhol – That’s the spirit, keep-a-blogging and following your bliss. The real prosperity will continue, be it money, health, wealth, happiness, and all that good stuff.

* Matt @ – Glad to have you on the list.

* Rod I’m coming back to Alex’s site to read some more…

* kweenkong – Hey Kween. Thanks again for the Digg. Find out any more about Robin Thicke coming to The Riv in Chicago? Did you get your tickets yet?

* Jason – I seriously appreciate you clearing up my error of Weblogs, Inc. making $100k a month from Google Adsense – not you personally. I will correct this in the future list.

* rob from this site – no problemo. This is fun. I’ll have to hunt thru ProBlogger’s old posts to find a tighter and more accurate range. Thanks for the heads up once more.

* David – Okay, you’re on my next list, once I hunt down your income in the Money Blog Forums. God bless you.

* Anonymous – Thanks once more for hipping me to another six-figure blogger, Manolo the Shoeblogger at
Now that you mention it, I believe I’ve read about Manolo the ShoeBlogger before.

*John Bokma – Is the over $700 USD per month from AdSense your sole blogging revenue? I will make sure to add with your 15,000 daily visitors to my favorites. And I’m always grateful to gain SEO advice. Talk to you soon. Thanks.

* Financial Imbalance thanks for calling it interesting. As more and more people give me details regarding their blogging/webmastering income, I pray the list becomes more and more accurate – a catalyst for many lists like this to come. There’s a reason that Forbes list is so popular! Billionaires actually call to find out if their on the list each year.

* JoLynn Braley – Thank you for taking the time to comment.

*Rose - Yes, just researching this list inspired me so much to take new directions in my online career.

* Jason – Glad to have come to an agreement with you on how we’ll report your revenue on the next list. Look forward to it.

* Cade – It’s amazing to see friends’ blogs blossom into majorly-read sites.

* Mr Geek – Glad to have come to an agreement with you, too, on how to report’s earnings on the next list.

* Anonymous – Yes, I can expand the title. That will just help the long-tail keyword, heh?

* – Thanks for the link love at “my blog as I shared my revenue generating strategies”…

* neil I will add you at $100 per month, and I’ll check before I post the next list, probably around June 19th, for more updating revenue numbers at your site.

*simon – Thanks, I’ll check your earnings at and translate from Chinese. And I’ll use the $1,840 from Jan. to March as a baseline for my next list.
* Derrich – Thanks for leading me to for your income numbers. Take care.

* Theda K. – Okay, give me a few days, but I’ll come check out your site and Digg around and comment and stuff. Nice to meet you too. I’m so blessedly busy with God making this post go viral, He answered my prayers!

* skiper - Hey there, okay, I’ll check for the $300 per month target income numbers.

* Grant – Yes, we all like to know how much is possible to earn, right? I’ll check out the Million Dollar Project for your posted earnings from Affiliates, Donations, Adsense and Sponsored Reviews. $163.55 so far, in two months, good on you, mate!

* Neo – It is an inspiration to see how the top earners do it, so we can follow. The honest ones, that is. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime…

* Anonymous – Now that I know Kumiko pic is a fake, I’ll size it down next list.

* Working Nomad – Wow $6000 a month! And I love your stuff. Your quote about being able to work anywhere really gave me food for thought. Or food for blog, should I say.

* crazy4bass – Thanks for the link to -- I’ll check it out and add you.

* Latimer Williams – You’re a good blogging friend. Thanks for the comment.

* grandcanuck – Yeah, I’m just grabbing income anywhere I found it. I know this list will spur plenty of more detailed list, broken out by niches.

* egon – Okey dokey smokey, I’ll check and add you to my next list. Thanks bunches for responding.

* Amanda – I will add you and your april-may was over $1500 dollars posted on your site to my next Paula’s List! Toodles…

* Anonymous – Thanks so much for and links.

* Raviratlami – I appreciate you letting me know about India's ace blogger Amit Agrawal? I’m head over to to check him out.

* Sparrow – Yes, Alexa is a mystery of much concern to folks. There is controversy over their reporting and rank. Google it, you’ll see.

* Investalot – Vic - Yeah, does Michael Arrington post his income anywhere? I’m wondering that too…and I’ll investigate No. 46 s

* Talia Mana – Perez Hilton and some of those others are on my prayer list. Do you know his income? Thanks!

* Kim I’ll at you to my list at $1500 per month. Do you have the links pointing to those gossip bloggers incomes? Thanks!

* WAHM – You’re on my next list at 400.00 a month!

* Vishal Thanks for the Labnol.Blogspot.Com heads up. I’ll look for the income.

Anonymous said…
Hi Paula! Thanks for replying. As far as I know those bloggers don't publicize how much they make per month. But most of them you can check how much they charge for alone, that's how I know they're making bank, lol!
Anonymous said…
It is not that hard to enter you list... You just need to make more than $479.88 a year.
J.J. said…
Interesting post. I guess it took you some time to gather such great information.

My website ( is ranked 110k on Alexa. I'm still struggling with earning money online. I did earn much with the advertisement on the site now (which is Adbrite). Can you show me some tips to promote my site, or some other ads-network to try, or some ideas that may apply to my case?

I'm contactable through deadzoners {at}

Thanks alot.

Anonymous said…
You can include me in this list on the middle :)
Anonymous said…
This is a truly fantastic resource. It really is amazing to see the large sums of cash some bloggers can make. Thanks for compiling this list. It's an inspiration to all of us.
Fitness said…
Excelente lista! espero pronto estar en ella! said…
may i add this article to our website ?thanks.
Anonymous said…
Amazing work.

It gave me yet another goalline. I will work to be on this list too.

I bet all these people worked really hard to get there.
Shanti Braford said…
Hey Paula,

My monthly income fluctuates from month to month, but it's generally in the 2-5k range.

It comes from a variety of sites, blogs, etc.

You can find a few screenshots here, as well as in the ebook if you subscribe to get the download link:

Great list!
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula, please add me at the bottom of your list as my blog turned 1 month only 2 days after you published your list. Earnings 24.81$ with Adsense, recent pay to post Creamaid and very recent pay to post Smorty and Bloggerwave. Cannot wait to start ranking higher on your "mentors" list.

Requested earnings link :
Anonymous said…
I linked and dugg this article Paula. Great effort in putting this list together!!
Paris David said…
Thanks, Kim -
I'll check to lust and dream...

Theo -
Yes, I wanted to grab a snapshot of all the income numbers I found -- like the Parad magazine piece does.

It's interesting to focus on both the rich and the everyday blogger increasing their income numbers.

J.J. -
Dynomite! (I guess you hear that a lot)

Go thru my Helping Blogger Make Moneyseries of posts, read my experiences with other program and sign up for the ones that strike your fancy. Then experiment around and let me know how that works.

Teddy -
Let me know your income post link! Guess I'll just follow your named link to start and see what I can find.

Marc Angel -
What an angel you are for your angelic comments. I'm glad the God-given list is already inspiring other lists.

Fabian -
¡La alabanza esté al dios solamente! ¡Le estoy rogando hago la lista siguiente de Paula de sueldos del blogger también!

Thanks to Babel translator I can speak so many languages now! -
Sure, you can add it, just make sure to keep the links live that link back here. Thank you for even asking, some people don't.

Dennis Bjørn Petersen -
Yes. Hey -- you've got an interesting o in your Bjørn name. I'm learning so much about other languages thanks to all these international comments!

The Almighty granted me the vision that seeing our incomes annualized would give us all goals to know where we're going.

Shanti Braford -
Good deal, $2 - 5k per month? I'm head over to your sites to find out how! And I plan to download your ebook at ASAP!

Linky Love -
$24.81 per for the first month with Adsense, Creamaid, Smorty and Bloggerwave? Okay, got it!

I don't think I'd ever heard of Smorty and Bloggerware, so I'd better check those out.

And I've got as your Paula's List Source link. Thanks!

Free Ad Lists-
God bless you and thanks for the Digg! It's really climbing now. Should be on that front page and made popular in no time.

Take care all and much love in Christ,
Anonymous said…
I think that Courtney Tuttle's site is sick and watch out for it because I think his site is rising big time.
Anonymous said…
This is such an inspiring list! I made last month about 250$ from my blog and hope in a few months maybe I will be able to make in into the bottoms of this prestigious list as well.
Anonymous said…
How old is this list? I recognize some of the people on there but also know that they make more than that currently. Where do you get the information from and how often do you update it?
Paris David said…
Liza -

Good for you and your 250 bucks! I pray it grows and grows as the Lord wills it to...

Don't forget to tag your next income postings with "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries" so I can easily find you for the next update.

Hi Svend-
I can't help but think of that Swedish chef muppet when I type your name...(Yer de smer de smer..Do you remember the muppets?)

Anyhow, I just created the list -- and I grabbed the most current info I could find on blogger/webmaster salaries.

I did due diligence to link to reliable sources, so if you click the "Paula's List Source" next to each entry, you'll find further info on where I got the numbers and what date they were reported.

Since you "recognize some of the people on there but also know that they make more than that currently," PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE lead me to a link (leave it right here in the comments section) that states reliable reporting of their more current income, by all means!

I plan to update this list monthly, so check back for the next one around Juneteeth, or June 19, 2007.

But in case the Spirit moves me to update sooner than that, which I'm feeling He might, subscribe to my blog so you won't miss it!
Anonymous said…
Hey Paula

I'd like to ad my massive blog network to your list! :p

Here you can check out the stuff from the month of April.

Swollen Pickles.
Hi Paula,

I finally got back to your comment to my comment. Yes Michael Arrington mentioned the $150,000 a month in an article to a journalist - there is a link to it here on my very own blog -
Regards, Vic
Anonymous said…
Where do you get these numbers? Are these based on only the blogs you know of? Because our company ( pays bloggers for placing ads through our network and we have MANY bloggers that would score in the top 10 of your earners.

That might be a cool tool someone can come up monetization ranking.
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for the kind words, God bless you for your kind heart!

I will be sure to include it in my next income report (if the revenue won't collapse, LOL), did you mean just to link to this post or to the Digg's page, or..? Sorry, I'm just not sure how did you mean to 'tag'. I am a pro as you can tell :D

Take care and keep up the great work!

Thanks to PayPerPost and ReviewMe, a lot of us are profiting from blogging. In April 2007, I pulled in $1300 just from my blogging. I don't expect I'll hit that amount again for awhile, but it was good to see my blogs monetized.

The Article Writer
Paris David said…
Vic -
Thanks for reiterating the TechCrunch salary link. Amazing, huh?

If you click the "Paula's List Source" above next to each salary, you'll find the source that reported the earnings.

And if you click my Google spreadsheet above, you'll get the details on how I annualized the figures.

So, I just popped over to -- how much are the bloggers paid over there?

Do you have a link to the top 10 blogger salaries that would blow these off the list?

Do tell, do tell...

I can put you guys on my next list with a good link if you all publish your blogging earnings and revenue.

Hi Liza -
No, I'd better stay away from Digg for a while. I'm on their blacklist!

But seriously folks, yes dear Liza, just place "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries" in the tag section or "labels" section on your blog post -- or, just title your blog post with "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries - My Income for May 2007" or whatever, and hopefully I'll find it.

Now that you've left me a comment, I'll make sure to dig thru all these blogs that have left a comment so that I can include the clean ones that report their income on my next list.

Matthew the Article Writer -
You're an inspiration. I'd better head back over to PayPerPost. I haven't been there in a while. Check for your name on my next list!

Thanks all!

Happy Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Thursday! (Yes, I'm obsessed.)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post Paula, was a very inspiring read especially for beginners.

It seems really hard when first starting out. I don't even make $1 a day yet, and I'm spending hours everyday trying to promote my blog and get more traffic. My page rank is 3, but I hardly get any traffic.

I think I'll look into the "no follow" movement, will this help with traffic or only page rank? I really need more traffic rather than PR.
Anonymous said…
Paula! I think you need to delete Kumiko's picture. She deletes her picture on her blog after I send her private message on her MyBlogLog "Does Siryur have any meaning to you, check and review me on" Yes, you will be surprised when you read my article. I like her blog articles actually. I remember she wrote on her blog about herself that it was really her picture. Well, I did not get any reply from her and she seems she does not want to reveal the truth. If it is really her picture, then I will write my apology to her for writing a mistake. Read the article on Peace!
Paris David said…
Hi John -
Yes, even with lots and lots of traffic my Google Adsense account earns only a few bucks some days.

That's why it's so important to diversify and not rely on one source of income thru blogging.

And yes, the DoFollow movement can help with traffic too, because folks searching for DoFollow will find you, and if you join the DoFollow blogroll like this one, those people will come visit your blog and comment, too.

Hey Ronald -
I just visited your blog. Interesting story on I really want to know who the real Kumiko is!

You've helped me formulate a point for my post today. Thank you.

I just might remove Kumiko's pic next list...

Happy said…
Wow! I wish I could be part of this list! Very inspiring indeed. Thanks for sharing. ;-)
jhuber7672 said…
As usual, you rock! I realize it took a LOT of time to compile the post and looks as though it's paying off :)
Suray said…
Fascinating and marvelous post! I cannot imagine the digits of the people that earn income from ads business that you have mentioned. I wish i could be like you have said. Thanks for your information. Good Luck.

Paris David said…
Happy Lizzette
You can be a part of the next list of blogger and webmaster salaries (coming in June) if you just email me a link to any post where you post your blogging income -- if any.

It doesn't matter how much (or little) you make, I just included every non-porn blogger and webmaster that I could find any income numbers for.

Hey Tallhassee Lassie Huber
How ya been?

"No, you rock!" (I'm saying that the same way Owen Wilson did in some movie playing in my head...)

"Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey,
When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!"

That theme song from Oklahoma came to my head when I saw your name.

Peace all,
Rhys said…
Awesome post, it inspired me to look at my own (meagre) earnings, which I've posted here:
Paris David said…
Rhys -
You crack me up so much; you are now officially on my Google Reader.

"The two-hundred dollar blogger" as opposed to the much-touted six-figure bloggers in the industry. I love it!

Anyway, you should seriously add the beer-money earned via "signups for affiliate schemes such as Text Link Ads and Google Adsense" to your next income numbers as well.

Take care, happy days, and I love your witty writing.

Rhys said…
Well my mum always told me to be realistic. The only way I'm going to get a six figure income from blogging is:

1) Get a job that pays me that much
2) Blog from work.

Nah, beer money is good enough for me :)
Anonymous said…
I'm not on this list :-(

Maybe on the next one....let me keep my income a secret till the time you decide to revise this list a few months from now! ;-)

The Online Presence Blog -
Anonymous said…
i posted some commentary on this over here... it doesn't seem like it takes much to get on the list... use some of these ideas
Paris David said…
Hi Rhys - You're gonna be making a whole lotta beer money before you know it!

Anuj - I'm planning to publish the next list of salaries around June 19th, so you'd better post your income before then so I can find it!

Anonymous -
I'll try to follow that link, but it cut off, so make sure to live link your links in the future.

Note to self: Shoemoney writes that Perez Hilton makes over $100,000 per month in advertising. That's over $1.2 million per month! That's over $14.4 million per year!

My goodness! I know who's topping my next list! I wonder how much of that comes off the top for hosting costs, etc.

I know he blogs himself, getting up before dawn to blog at that cafe, so it's not like he's got bloggers blogging for him. Interesting...

Anybody got any more Perez Hilton income details?

Paris David said…
Hey Paula (Yes, I talk to myself):

Add this Egonitron guy to your next Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries coming in June...

Why thank you, Paula.

You're welcome, Paula!
Anonymous said…
Great site Paula...I was curious as were others as to why you stick with the blogspot domain, but I understand your reasoning.

One minor quibble with your list though, you left off Bootmoney :)
Paris David said…
Thanks for leading me to this BootMoney guy. Interesting chap!

Now where's his post leading to his blogging income? Thanks much, Paula
Paris David said…
Another note to myself: Please include PayPerPost's top earners:

Colleen $11,751.34

Tricia $9,346.95

Emily $8,513.88

Chan $8,399.64

Brian $7,020.80

Laurie $6,674.17

Deb $6,222.92

Amy $6,202.28

Karen $6,175.13

Justin $6,154.63
Paris David said…
Dear Paula (Yes, I'm still talking -- or, writing to myself)-

This guy made over $1,250 in March 2007 in online earnings.

Did you add him to your list already?
W3ATB said…

I found out about you from Julie Bonner's blog.

The number you reported for my annual income is low. You only guesstimated my Google AdSense income.

As I said at Julie's blog, it is pretty impolite to ask a woman her age - very bad jujumagumbo - so let's be fairly discrete about Internet income.

Suffice it to say that with my current AdSense income (you used data 22 months old), Kontera income, own ad sales, sales of electronic Ebooks and Checklists, and other miscellaneous income, the number you quoted is pretty far off. :-)

But I sure appreciate being on your list! It is indeed an honor!

Tim Carter
Paris David said…
Well blow me over with a drill bit -- THE Tim Carter visited my blog and left a comment! Yay!

I've read about you and feel honored, as well, that you stopped on by.

I'll be sure to reiterate the fact that the above list of Blogger/Webmaster Salaries are estimates based on last know income reported, just like Forbes' list of net worths.

Glad to see you're doing even better now, 22 months later.

And you're right about not chasing money, as you commented on Julie Bonner's blog, in her in-depth piece about you.

I believe that reporting the last known income of bloggers/webmasters is wave of the future.

I love blogging and writing -- it is my God-blessed passion -- and I believe He is the one blessing me with favor and the ideas and fortitude to even create posts like this in the first place.

And you're also right, the money is following it.

This is only the tip of the iceberg...

Take care and happy vlogging,
Anonymous said…
Just wondering if you're gonna do an update post every month. It would be interesting to see who moves up or down
Paris David said…
Yep, Anonymous, I definitely plan to update Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries monthly.

So make sure to subscribe for free email updates so you won't miss them!

The next one should come out around Juneteeth -- June 19, 2007.
Paris David said…
John TP finally revealed his Adsense income of $1,218.75 for the month of May 2007, which is an estimated $14,625.00 per year from them, so I just left a comment questioning whether I could assume an annual estimated income range of $15,000 - $35,000 for him in total, assuming his other TribalFusion and stuff.

We'll see what he says...
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,
I saw this list a few weeks ago and have thought about including mine here is the link to my most recent earnings
Anonymous said…
Whoops I forgot to say so far I've made $794.67.
Anonymous said…
Pure content bloggers rarely publish their income. I make about $300 a month running google ads in The Knitting Fiend
I never intended that to be a big money making blog, I don't put ads in "hot spots", but I do recover my hosting fees and make enough money to buy some yarn. (With knitting, the revenue varies during the year. I make more in December and less in June!)
Anonymous said…
Great post, Paula. As for Perez Hilton, one of the entries on your "My Prayer List", that's an easy one, since he is currently getting sued. He is widely reported to earn ~ $800K. Just Google for: perez hilton $800000
Tavi said…
Great article, I'm inspired!
Paris David said…
Okay, Opal and Lucia, you guys are on my next list of blogger salaries!

And Anonymous - A big fat thank you to you for letting me know Perez Hilton's income is $800,000 per year, as reported by plenty of websites like this one.

Hey Culebro!
Where's your income?

Think I'll pop over to your blog later.

Thanks all.

Look for the new Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster salaries on June, 19, 2007.
Unknown said… websites count for income as well? I don't make much from the blogs themselves, but my blogs feed my websites which is where I get most of my revenue. Hard to estimate on an annual basis and the sites are all new and growing. I would guess that right now I am making about $600-800 dollars a year from a combination of three websites and three blogs. Note that all but one are less than a month old and I just began promoting that one recently. Am I doing well? I'm happy so far and have great optimism!
JCM said…
Made more than $2000
Anonymous said…
This is a brilliant investigative post. But I am a little disappointed. I came here from Problogger expecting to see a list of bloggers with six figure income. As someone commented earlier it shows that the rush for blogging as a living is not healthy. John chow is right, 99% of the bloggers can't earn more than 100$ a month. A more realistic approach would be to consider blogging as a part time job to earn a few hundred extra apart from your day job. And a few hundred dollars a month is all that even a very dedicated blogger is likely to earn from blogging and thats what I am going to do.

Paula, great work. Hope I can make it to the list in a few months. :)
cheers from Sri Lanka.
i cant wait to be on the list too!
Anonymous said…
And me?
JCM said…
JCM here, last month´s earnings were $900, and the total is from a 5-month period.

Great list!
Brian Armstrong said…
Hi Paula,

Great post idea and very inspiring!

I'd love to be on the list and have made a post for you here:

Thanks a million!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for great top-list.
Your article added to my favorites bookmarks.

All the best
Samrat said…
Really very interesting article....
Seo Tips
Anonymous said…
This list is really inspiring...
I want to bring the earnings on my blog a this level where these bloggers are standing
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,

I'm still not on the list.

Nick said…
hey paula, id appreciate being added to the list. makes $40,000 per year
Anonymous said…
This is the most interesting post I ever came across. But the next thing I keen to know is, the list of "highest spending" bloggers or webmasters. haha... I hope to know if people whom earn more normally spend more :)
Paul U said…
I always thought that Darren Rowse is the number 1.
Anonymous said…
You have quite a talent on getting those informations.

how much are you making right now every month?
Paris David said…
That's a good question, Paul.

I'm thinking of posting my income again at the end of June 2008 -- if you follow the blog posts linked to at the top of my blog under the "how to make money online" link, you'll see more recent figures than this list.

But I still haven't posed income since December 2007, I believe. Or November 2007.

I know other people on these lists are making more now, too.

Check back for updates in July 2008 -- I pray...
Anonymous said…
An interesting post - Id like to see the 2008 figures. Its staggering figures for the top blokes, but it would be interesting to read where these guys are now!
Anonymous said…
wouu.. paula.. you must be work hard for creating and research this list..
thanks, that's very inspire us..
Anonymous said…
WOW Laura, thats a heck of a check scan that you have there! It gives me a little motivation to actually get out there and do some blogging!
Anonymous said…
I have read your article and a couple of those you listed and I am pretty much sure that if you follow them right,
There are lots of people who get on the internet hoping that they will be able to learn how to make money online fast, but most usually without a clue as to where to start.
Anonymous said…
I have earned over $1000 just from Adsense alone this year alone. I wonder why I am not on your list.
red65orange said…
Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting this amazing blog! It is good to know there is still ways to make money out there and I think this blog reinforces the fact that even during a depressed economy we can still look for the light(of our crts glowing through the night)

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freemoneyhub said…
wow i never know that you can earn a living just blogging do you need to be an e-commerce graduate to earn this much
Anonymous said…
I think that we all knew there was money to be had in blogging, but after reading this article, now I know exactly how much! Wow, I don't have time to read this post, I got to get over to my blog now.
humor said…
I earn more that the few last persons in this list... But it's still little compare with many others...
melil said…
thanks for providing the list.
I have not hit my $100 mark get with Google! Does anyone have any tips or pointers?
Smart Boy said…
Wow - a very intensive list of blog money makers. Thanks for putting this list together. :)
J said…
Nice list though. Im making more than 3k per month. Check this link
Unknown said…
Interesting post! It's clear that some people can earn a good living by blogging
surya said…
Hey Paula,

Thanks for this information, it’s very interesting
Hi Paula , are you use google adsense ?
Newsfeeder said…
I born in a poor family
so want to make my family little bit happy.I'm very impressed in your income. Please teach me how to make that money. please please teach me how to earn form blog please please.

My Email ID:

thanks in advance
Jobexpert said…
Since i had born from a poor family and trying to make my family little bit happy, then I saw your income I'm very impressed, please teach me how to make at least 1/4 th money, please please please please.

My ID:

Thanks in advance......
Paris David said…
It's amazing that this post still gets so much traffic.

@ Jobexpert and Newsfeeder - As you can see on my new website about people making money online, I make a lot of money by writing for and through Google Adsense and Amazon Associates affiliate/referral program.

Go on over there and subscribe to get email updates -- because I'm trying some new stuff and researching how people are making more money online than me, and I will update people on how much my income grows by trying the new methods.

Thanks for reading,
tumutanzi said…
It is really difficult for average guys to make money from blogging.
Just for fun, not for money, maybe this is a right attitude to blogging.
admin said…
i guess you have to know JOHN JONAS too...
Mohammad Shadab said…
They are all professional bloggers and they have been done how much work for there blogs only know itself. Good to see bloggers income.
Last Days said…
Very interesting! Mark my words, I will be on that list in a while.
+followed by
-Steve Eason- said…
That's a great list, although a little old at this stage. I see a few names on that list who have gone on to blow past what they were making here.

I've recently posted a short listing of bloggers who list out their income reports on my site. You might find the list helpful or useful. The post is here: Encouragement Through Income Reports.

I'm not on your list here, but one day I hope to be worthy of the list. Thanks for the encouragement and information.
Unknown said…
I pretty much agree with all your thoughts you said in your post, especially at the end of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog.

AimIT Software - website design company
Unknown said…
I'm not on your list here, but one day I hope to be worthy of the list. Thanks for the encouragement and information.

Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento
evren gümüş said…
What's it take for someone to get a picture posted?

And a live link in their name place?

SOrry for sounding greedy!!!

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by Paula Neal Mooney Google's Inside AdSense team just sent out an email the other day describing how to use their Onsite Advertiser Sign-up to add an ‘ Advertise on this site ’ link to your blog. Since the ' Advertise on this site ' link was removed from the Google Adsense ads during their recent ad format change , the Goog team (specifically a guy named Etienne Jambou, freaky 'cause I was just talking to my hubby about the name Etienne...) sent instructions on breaking the link out. So here are their detailed instructions on getting that cool ' Advertise on this site ' link on your site, which here's hoping some gazillionaire will click on and pay us handsomely to buy real estate on our blogs. And I didn't evek know an Onsite Advertiser Sign-up page was available on Google Adsense, so check it out and customize your page following those good instructions. Then we won't be a broke as Jennifer Aniston in Friends With Money . Good reference p

Paula's New List of Blogger Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of) June 2007

FIND OUT HOW MUCH BLOGGERS REALLY MAKE ONLINE -- CHECK OUT THIS NEW WEBSITE ABOUT MONEY-MAKING ONLINE CALLED 50 OVER $50K... by Paula Neal Mooney The time has come. The time is now. Paula N. Mooney will you please publish that list now?! (Yes, I fancy Dr. Seuss' iambic pentameter.) My WebMaster blest me with a viral post called "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries," and the response was so wonderful, here lies an update. It's bigger and better than ever before with more pics, and double the amount of bloggers, webmasters, domainers, affiliate marketers (or a smidgen of some or all of those titles) and their reported incomes. How Much Do You Make? Money is funny. The abundance of it, the lack of it, the subject of cash in general gets attention. While some invoke their choice not to post their online income nor discuss it at all, I've always been of the Suze Orman mindset ever since I read her first book. Suze encourages people to talk ab