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Jack's Big Music Show Violinists? Nuttin' But Stringz Escobar Brothers

by Paula Neal Mooney

Last week I stopped frozen in my tracks at the sight of two black violin players on Jack’s Big Music Show. (You gotta roll thru the pics to the right till you see their faces and click on them.)

Now -- I love that "Jack’s Big Music Show" is already good at featuring diverse types of music.

But something about seeing black men exquisitely playing violins in a hip-hop style (though they don’t like to be labeled hip-hop) was so foreign to me.

At first I wondered if it was one man in a split-screen display on the "Jack’s Big Oops!" episode.

Turns out they were in fact two men -- Damien and Tourie Escobar – who make up the group known as Nuttin’ But Stringz, or NBS.

They were so stunningly good, I became obsessed and vowed to find out more about Nuttin' But Stringz. Here’s what I’ve found:

You can listen to sample songs from their CD here on Amazon, or their Jack's Big Music Show appearance while it's here, which is the best quality and sound.

If it's gone from the Noggin site, check out Nuttin' But Stringz' Jack's Big Music Show video on YouTube.


Give these kids their own show, please!

Nuttin’ but favor is more like it. Anyway, I’m just glad they are showing little kids everywhere – black and white – that it’s cool to pick up a violin and play the glory out of it.

Did you see the way one of those Escobar brothers leans all the way back while playing?

Did you see the fine finger work of the other? Or was it same? Just which one is Damien and which one is Tourie?

I want to see them in concert.


T.P. Jefferson said…
I heard of them. My friend Gwen directed one of their videos. I think you can see something about it at
Tisha! said…
Many thanks Paula for caring enough to tell me about the email subscribe option in Feedburner! I sincerely appreciate it!!! xox
Vanessa said…
Thanks for blogging about these guys. I'd planned to see them when they played in Miami a year or so ago. They are awesome. :)
EastPAWZ said…
I have seen these two before, but never knew they had made it big and even forgot who they were... this is really nice.
I hope my son would stop complaining when he gets his notes wrong. The Child thinks he will never learn his notes for music class.I will have to show him this video.
Anonymous said…
I've seen a story on them before as well. Love all of the diversity in Jack's Big Music show. Thanks for this heads up we'll have to see if we can catch it.
Anonymous said…
This is the first I have heard of these guys, Thanks for posting this! I played violin for YEARS and now my daughter plays, I can't wait to show her this! And here I thought we were a dying breed in this age of digitalized music! Thanks Paula!
Anonymous said…
This is the first I have heard of these guys, Thanks for posting this! I played violin for YEARS and now my daughter plays, I can't wait to show her this! And here I thought we were a dying breed in this age of digitalized music! Thanks Paula!
Anonymous said…
I've seen them on Tavis Smiley's show. They are really good and have a good story on how they got started in music.
Anonymous said…
The are awesome and so adorable! Thanks for bringing them to our attention. Love those little kids dancing like crazy in the video. :-)
Unknown said…
Love these guys I've seen them a couple of times on Jack's big music show(reruns) my son gets all into their music, I am definitely going to buy their CD.
Unknown said…
I love these guys I've seen them on Jack's Big music show a couple of times (reruns) and my son loves their music he gets all into it! I'm definitely buying their CD.
egassner said…
I stumbled across you blog doing a google search to find out who these two were! I just saw the Jack's episode this morning and was *amazed* at the talent...and yes, two younge black men playing a violin in a hip hop fashion!
Thanks for all the info!
Big G said…
just saw them on Jack's Big Music show and it stopped me in my tracks, too. I played violin for 10 years as a kid, and it was far from cool. These guys rock! I was actually moved because I can already sense the impact that these brothers could have on young kids and their appreciation for music.

And they were absolutely awesome. I'd love to see them again in a more serious genre.
Unknown said…
I was floored too! I'm a choreographer and this music is so beautiful and mega inspiring!!! The violin is my favorite instrument!!!
MLVT said…
I was floored too! I'm a choreographer and this music is so beautiful and mega inspiring!!! The violin is my favorite instrument!!!
Unknown said…
Bonnie Sez said…
I was just looking them up for the very same reason and found your blog! They are honestly fantastic! I know we will be seeing them again more and more.. what a wonderful thing to see two young men doing something so creative and doing it so well! I'm just amazed and will be tweeting and facebooking them all over the place lol :) Thanks for the blog you answered my questions and did them good justice! :)

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